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Tomorrow the Windsor Essex county health unit is sending mobile vaccination centres out to our community’s grade schools. I want to make parents aware that they are NOT requiring consent from PARENTS to give your child ages 12 and up a dose of the vaccine. If your child gives a verbal YES the nurses will administer the drug to your child. I spoke both with the Windsor Essex Catholic District school Board as well as Joanne, the manager at Windsor Essex county health unit to confirm that this is in fact true!

If A parent DOES NOT GIVE CONSENT but the nurse gets a verbal YES from a child who is 12 years old and up, the child will be injected. I am personally concerned as I have children with IEP’s that may be easily convinced by an adult and a medical professional to give a verbal yes. I asked Joanne about this to which she stated that if the child APPEARS to be able to give consent they will be given the drug. The only way to prevent this is to keep your children home from school, or to send in a written denial followed by a phone call to insure your wishes. RIGHT NOW, In Ontario, they think this is all fully legal. It’s not, under 18, they need parental consent for all medical procedures….

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