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Walmart Fema Camps

Michael Kavanagh February 22, 2020 ·

Note: Empty Walmart's around the country will be used for "Processing & Receiving" (FEMA COMMAND CENTERS). I warned the public about a virus coming out of China 3 years ago and Walmart's are not what you think! Perhaps now, you'll believe me when I tell more! Can't say I didn't warn you. This is a test run. Trump will win the election. Then the shit will hit the fan! Border security Tactical Units moving into the cities working with local law enforcement.

Boston bombing was false flag to see if the little Hobbits would comply with orders to stay in your homes in the name of public safety. Pay attention to what's going on! Cities are not safe! Predictive programming in movies for the last 18 months tell viewers what? Movie releases for this year have war themes. The COMING STORM! Taking out the trash! BIO-METRIC GOVERNMENT ID. Which without you'll be in big trouble.

The FINALE SOLUTION has began. Out with the old and in with the new. Say NO TO EVIL! GOD ALWAYS WINS! Don't you get it? JUDGEMENT DAY has arrived! Back in late 1999, I had a meeting with a Federal Task Force and suggested we allow the BROWNING of AMERICA. Why? So we could use the illegals as a bases to build a WALL along the southern border.

The WALL is for CONTAINMENT. Nobody gets in nobody gets out. This coming October to board an airplane you'll need proper ID. Look it up! Educate yourself instead of watching TV! WWIII began on 9/11. It's been an ongoing event. Right after Trump took the "Oath of Office" he goes to Saudi Arabia activating a GLOBAL SURVEILLANCE NETWORK.

Did you miss that in the news? Some Intelligence Operations are years in the making. The destruction of TWIN TOWERS was an INSIDE JOB and BUSH knew! If that's true, imagine what they have planned for you! If your good people you'll get PASSED OVER. We're after the trash! Drug dealers, rapists, killers, a long list of evil shit! MOM is pissed! Change how you think! Stay in the LIGHT! No fear! Be happy, healthy and free! Is that so hard? WTF!

Stop feeding the Beast 666 Matrix! Wake up! STOP IT! Childhoods journey has come to an end. The party is over from top to bottom. Nowhere to run nowhere to hide. WE SEE YOU! Embrace a NEW GOLDEN AGE based upon UNIVERSAL LAW! Extreme measures are needed for this to be successful.

If AMERICA goes down the tubes we're all fucked! Say goodbye to freedom! Make a stand for TRUTH & JUSTICE. Sam Walton was an OSS officer in WWII which became the CIA in 1947. Walmart is a government operation. 86% of the US population does shop at Walmart. Cameras everywhere. You've been TAGGED & BAGGED! Hope you like your smart cellphones!

Busted! 5G technology and the mapping of the human domain. Presently, 15% of the worlds population is on locked down! Again, this is a TEST RUN before they pull the trigger. If your heart is pure than there's nothing to worry about. TRUST THE PLAN! GOD is good!

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