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This is NOT about our health and it NEVER was.Tyranny and Control is what they are after

Hey everyone, so I am constantly hearing people say the vaccine is good and once everyone gets it we will all go back to normal, please wake up, if we do not stand united we will fall, PLEASE do your research and spread the word, the shot is NOT what you think, it is an actual bio-weapon that was/is designed to kill, if you don't believe, please spend a few minutes watching some of the videos below, (I have 100's) sorry not trying to scare people, I am actually trying to wake everyone up.

Take the truckers, they are NOT doing this to be pricks or assholes, they are doing this to put an end to all the bullshit Tyranny, whether you believe it or not the media and the Government are not on your side, they are depopulating the human race.....


Board-certified Embalmer, Richard Hirschman who is stunned to find that he has to pull this out of the Veins of Jabbed people in order to be able to get embalming fluid in This is a bioweapon

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