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The water is Polluted!

The water is polluted! All OUR secondary water supply is polluted . . .

We are and have been served up water from the secondary water supply, rain and snow melt.

Rain and snow melt is captured in reservoirs after running over land that is contaminated with poisonous toxins from the OVERHEAD aerosol spraying and then flows over land saturated with fertilizers, and more. Then water treatment chemicals are added before being pumped into your municipal drinking water.

The bottom line is harsh tax while more people are made ill . . .

Please share the TRUTH about water. We DO NOT need to drink poison!

Please listen to the You Tube video “Primary Water Explained” then go

Right now, the governments water fix is in: to raise taxes, build more waste waste treatment plants to serve up human waste along with pharmaceuticals and start desalination of the ocean water.

We are being crushed with false and deadly solutions built upon false science.

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