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The powerful Globalists want nations weak so they can seize control.

The powerful Globalists want nations weak so they can seize control. Biden is systematically destroying the US as the World’s last bastion of freedom & prosperity.

Flooding nations with immigrants, creating racial tension & making us all dependent on the State is the same old socialist playbook used dozens of times in the past. (see UK surge also) Media censorship is now on par with China & will get much worse very soon.

Medical tyranny & weather crisis are new additions to take down the most powerful capitalist nations. It’s working because people don’t know what’s hit them.

COVID was a Trojan Horse for the Freemasons wet dream of dehumanising the World population & creating a new reality of pure oppression. The [Deep] State says jump & we ask ‘how high?’

A 2-class system where we own nothing as the corporate machine hoovers up the last of what we had. Mandates will continue to break down society & they know this very well. Super inflation & increased crime will do the rest.

Fortunately, this terrible plan has been met with a formidable resistance, which has continued to break the foundations of the Satanic Empire. They have thrived on an endless stream of lies & trickery, which has lead people to a state of helpless confusion as they slide further into submissiveness.

The Alliance on the frontline who are battling to resist this most dreadful attack on humanity, are the ones who will go down in history as the saviours of mankind in our darkest hour.

This Hellish onslaught will continue for now, but it will eventually be brought to it’s knees by the will of the people. Freedom & decency will return as these demons & despots are hunted down and destroyed once & for all.

Light destroys darkness, just as truth will destroy their web of lies. Those still in the dark will see & a new World will be built to replace the one imposed upon us by the Old Guard.

All of this is inevitable & you do not want to miss it.

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