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The Fight is on:

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE on this site that wants to disparage the White Hats, and in particular the genius of Q and President Trump, needs to find other lodgings…this is a group of people who risked the existence of their families to do something that was deemed impossible only ten years ago…

What has been achieved is nothing short of a miracle, and yet, you wish to look the other way when it comes to HUNDREDS of impossibilities regarding current world governments, organizations and even royalty…without this intervention, we would have been largely slaughtered by now, leaving our Children as a food source for the Monsters that once controlled this Earth…

We are now in perhaps the most difficult phase of them all, judging to see how the Many will respond when they learn just how Real and Evil this World has become, and how their constant denial, consent, and personal immorality has contributed to the SLAUGHTER of all thought to be Pure and Righteous…Do you think this is all some sort of game, or fun parlor trick??? This is LIFE and DEATH, a Real Future with God front and centre, or the rest of our fallen race headed straight for Hell…

When you deny the Q Team and President Trump, you deny God and what is right, because this is what they stand for…thru and thru…and your spreading of this Denial and thus, DESPAIR, is unconscionable, as you should be giving the Many HOPE thru TRUTH right now, not peddling Fear to the Lowest bidder…

Are you in or are you out?

You decide…but there is NO ROOM on this site for Doubters and for Disparagers…ONLY PATRIOTS who will NOT Fail…so cast aside Fear and Doubt, and start KNOWING that God will see us through this horrific period of Evil on HIS OWN GOOD TIME…Trust, don’t Despair!


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