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THANK YOU TRUCKERS. You guys are true heroes !!!

Good afternoon first of all I wanted to start by thanking everybody for all the support that has gone into this convoy in Ottawa and locally as well.

Over the last couple of days you have been seeing talks about starting a protest in Windsor to shut the border down seeing the tremendous affect and support they have been getting in Coutts Alberta we have now come to an agreement, myself and several other gentleman and the plan is.

  • Friday February 4th 9;00 am we will be meeting up in Comber at the truck stop with a departure of 10;00 AM and we will be heading back into Windsor to slow roll as we have in the past few weeks

And we will be doing this Friday, February 4th to 6th

And if we will not see any change by Monday we will be shutting down Windsor border crossing completely a time will follow with a deadline on Monday

I really hope to see all of you there thank you any further questions please feel free to reach out

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