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Some interesting info:Judge for yourself!

Updated: Nov 6, 2021


As I tell everyone, these are just my opinions "FROM MY RESEARCH" and I do not expect anyone to take my word for it, I ask that you do your own research and decide for yourself, but can I please ask you to share this if and our website www://

HRC grandparents are George & Barbara Bush

Bush's - Clintons are NOT only related, but they are all Rothchild’s

Once Bush sr got into office, that’s when they created underground submarine tunnels to transport everything

Robin Williams and Anthony Bourdain may be alive.

When Kennedy was shot or should I say his body double, there were 8 assassins not just 1, and the actual plan was to blow his head clean off. LBJ and GWB Sr were the master minds behind JFK Sr death.

This is actually a war between the Kennedys and the Bush’s, because the Bush’s are German and Kennedys are Brits and they are fighting over USA soil.

Jerusalem is/was originally located in Scotland.

Joe Biden s wife and daughter who were killed in a car crash, was arranged by Joe Biden

Jill Bidens father, brothers were navy and Hunter Biden was Navy and Bea was army.

JFK Jr if elected means the war would continue, so they had him killed or should is say body double was killed.

Dianna did not die that night, she also had multiple affairs. & "Not Dead"

William and Harry are not Charles kids, Why Harry and Megan (Megan’s a Rothchild) left England.

The Titanic was a stage event, it’s sinking was not an accident but on purpose

911 was inside job done by the Bush’s.

The buildings were NOT hit by planes, but they were actually blown up.

Embassy bombing was an inside job.

13+ Pilots have died mid flight.

Proof China is/was involved.

Walmart Fema Camps are a real thing.

Angela Merkel is Hitler's offspring/Grand daughter.

Queen Elizabeth was executed Dec 5th 2020.

HRC and Bill Clinton were executed December 18th 2020.

The 3 Gorge Dams which housed Bit coin and did body harvesting and trafficking has been completely destroyed/flooded.

Andrew Cuomo has been executed/hanged.

Chelsea Clinton is not Bill Clintons real daughter, his name is Webb Hubbell

Chelsea Clinton found guilty after her Military Tribunal.

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