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Queen Of Canada Declares Martial Law Feb. 5. 2022

First off, watch this video which will be confusing for many… then I’ll explain some things and then you’ll understand why we can’t take back our country simply with protests, horn honking, and demanding removal of mandates, although all of that are positive developments and are bringing us together…

Greetings Canadians, readers, lightworkers, and the general public~ I know what Romana Didulo is saying sounds crazy… but just consider that the tv has been completely lying to the public for a long time. If it is so, and you keep believing the tv, isn’t that crazy? Just consider that something that is not on the tv is going on. Consider that those on the tv are actors, who are there to deceive you.

  1. The tv is lying to the general public, and it’s put people in danger, removed rights and destroyed the economy. The tv has convinced the general public to give up their rights, take an experimental vaccine, and now there’s about an estimated 3% injury/death rate for taking part… is that crazy? Sure sounds like it to me… and yet people still tune into to those fake news sources, to get their updates on the trucker’s convoy, on Trudeau’s latest hate, and it should be obvious they don’t even fake plans for economic recovery, increasing rights, or showing any real love of the people.

Now… I’m going to tell a story, and I can’t claim to have all the details, but things do seem to align, so follow along.

2. Trump knows what is going on, the general public is almost clueless! Once again, let’s assume that most of you who have a negative opinion of Trump, got your opinions from fake news… ask yourself… why the US military STILL considers him to be their RIGHTFUL COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF? IS IT BECAUSE THEY ARE MISINFORMED, AND DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON, OR IS IT MORE LIKELY THE GENERAL PUBLIC WHO TUNES IN TO FAKE NEWS, ARE THE ONES WHO DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. Here’s what Trump has to say about “leader” Trudeau!So in Canada we have a situation where the general public, the truckers, farmers supports of convoys and protests… are literally waiting for a “LUNATIC WHO HAS DESTROYED CANADA WITH INSANE COVID MANDATES”… to get his shit together. Canadians are going to waiting a long time for that because the real Justin has left the building a long time ago.

3. The general public was unable to tell when Justin Trudeau’s face changed and remain unastute about deepfake cgi technology used in their own leadership! You want to accuse truthers as being crazy, but meanwhile you can’t even tell on your own whether or not your PM Justin Trudeau went through a face change! So just consider that you’ve been fooled, lied to, you might need to stop believing fake news, and even have a little talk with yourself, as to why you have been WILLINGLY tricked into doing and believing whatever the tv says. The conspiracy IS LARGE AND FEW CAN SEE IT, HOPEFULLY UNTIL NOW. Can you tell what a deepfake is, can you tell when someone is replaced with a double?

Justin Trudeau Deepfake Video Sells Vaccine To Five-Year Old Children!! Is This More Proof The Real Justin Trudeau Has Been Replaced With An Actor And CGI?

4. Fortunate for Canadians, the whitehats installed an actor of their own, while the real Justin was removed!

Justin Trudeau Mystery Continues… Where Is He, Why Did His Teeth Change, Was The Real Justin Replaced With A Double? Was The Queen Of Canada Correct In Saying Justin!

5. Canada… your electoral process has never given you true leadership… PERHAPS EVER… WAKE UP! It’s been similar all over the world! Canada has been in a secret war with it’s hidden leadership since it was founded. There was never a true sharing of the ‘commonwealth’, we’ve never really called our own shots, ever… we, the people have lived in a culture of pretend.

6. The whitehat global alliance DOES exist! There has been a peaceful process of removing dark leadership from countries all over the world… you can see as proof, the resignation of many global leaders, and deepstate offenders. Look at the take down of the Epstein island operation as proof… and for example, many deepstate players such as Tom Hanks, John McCain, the Podestas, Hillary Clinton and others are no longer with us… they are either at Guantanamo Bay or even, executed. These ones are often replaced with doubles and cgi, to put in place by the whitehat global alliance so that civilization doesn’t collapse.

7. Now… the whitehat global alliance aka… the good guys… had to deal with Canada. If you haven’t noticed the slow takeover of Canada by China… you probably watch too much fake news. It’s been going on for a long time. Did you the Asian Pacific Gateway was established in Saskatchewan… OVER 20 YEARS AGO… AND YET NO ONE ASKED WHY. WELL YOU PROBABLY SHOULD BE ASKING NOW. The globalized process was well in progress, by traitors of our land, traitors all over the planet. Ask yourself why china costco, china walmart, china canadian tire, china dollar stores, were allowed to continue during the plandemic, while local family businesses were essentially targeted for implosion. Ask yourself why you might have received a covid test from chinese swabs, chinese needles, chinese made vaccines, and maybe are wearing a made in china face mask. Yes, the public has slept for DECADES and the brainwashing is DEEP. Isn’t it possible our leaders have been co-oped, since they everything is china, and they don’t listen to the people… ever!

8. Canada is in deep chinese doo doo Chinese army was even trained on Canadian soil, and in Canadian airspace. Yup, Canada is in deep chinese doo doo. Everyone is on chinese tik tok. Facebook sends all your data to China. Your clothes and goods are made in China. The Canadian leaders give chinese CPP rights to “our” resources. They have bugged you with made in China cell phones. Canada couldn’t bend over to the Chinese if they tried! It’s pretty bad folks.

So… all that being said isn’t to make Canadians feel stupid, it’s to explain why Romana Didulo is the Queen of Canada. Truth is Canada needed someone to step in and change the Chinafication of Canada. Romana Didulo is a military-appointed Queen from the whitehat global alliance. Canada as a country NEVER EXISTED… it was always a BRAINWASHING CAMPAIGN FOR THE COLONY… furthermore, it’s a BANKRUPT CORPORATION, and BANKRUPT CORPORATIONS CAN BE DISSOLVED.

9. Canada needs an outside force to save us. It’s true. We have no ability to defend ourselves from inside rogue forces. There are traitors in Canada, in all forms of leadership in society. They speak with forked tongues. They are fake friends. There are plans to turn Canada into one big prison camp, and there are plans to sell the organs of those who do not obey. You think they are bluffing? The whitehat global military alliance realized that Canada needed to be taken over at some point. Not for diabolical purposes, but to free Canada and Canadians. Canadians have been taxed, bankrupted, have had all their rights taken away, they are not free to walk in their own land, they are subjected to a brainwashing program of epic proportions and many took the experimental jab, which is part of a plan to turn Canadians into ANDROIDS (that’s another important subject worth exploring).

10. Canadian cities, town, streets etc, have already been militarized for permanent slavery…. and there are wolves in the henhouse, in every community… secretly working for their masters.

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