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Pretty well sums it up.

It was obvious since the first quarter that they needed to stop the vaccine roll out because people were getting injured and dying from the vaccine.

It was obvious since the second quarter that the vaccines were failing to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Anthony Fauci continued to gaslight the American people up until November 2021 when he finally admitted that the vaccines are not stopping cases, hospitalizations, and deaths from rising in Israel.

Bill Gates spent 2020 talking about the importance of creating a vaccine that stopped infections and transmissions, but ignored that these vaccines do neither, until November 2021, when he finally admitted that these vaccine are not stopping transmission.

They've basically admitted what independent scientists, doctors, and journalist have been saying all year long.

The only thing left for them to admit is that the vaccines are injuring and killing people.

But these people are snakes, professional conmen, and instead they will continue to redefine medical terms, move goal post, and double down on their gaslighting and lies.

So why are they finally admitting that the vaccines are not working and what is there solution for vaccines that do not stop the spread of Covid-19

Booster shots.

A life-time subscription to a vaccine that does not work and has killed more people than all other vaccines combined over the last 30 years.

On top of that, if they have their way, all basic human rights - the right to work, to travel, and to participate in society - will be predicated upon signing up for a lifetime subscription to this vaccine.

The people of the world need to wake up and unite against these tyrants.

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