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Part #2 of 2

The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America 2

October 11, 2021

Part 2 13. Stage Supreme Court An excerpt from my Crossfire Hurricane post at the end: Q1150 - Think timing. LL (Loreta Lynch) remains AG (Attorney General for) HRC (Hillary Clinton). HRC appoints new AS (Justice Anthony Scalia) replacement (Justice Sonia Sotomayor). RBG (Justice Ginsberg) steps down. LL (Loreta Lynch) steps up. New AG (Attorney General) ‘The Plan’. Q Q2088 - …They always thought if charges were brought [v. them] they would ultimately be safe [SC control] (Supreme Court). [AS] (Justice Anthony Scalia) out [HRC] (Hillary Clinton) appointment(s) >> End of all ends. Final. Did Anthony Kennedy have a choice? Was this the original plan according to HRC election win? What evidence was he shown? RBG replacement [lifetime appointment - age]?... CIA Director John Brennan and Peter Strzok used an Intelligence Community Assessment ICA with the Dossier added to it while Strzok’s wife Melissa Hodgman was hiding Hillary’s email evidence. Hiding Hillary’s evidence was also the reason of former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lorretta Lynch’s Tarmac meeting in June of 2016. As an exchange, Lynch was promised a Supreme Court appointment once Justice Ginsberg stepped down. They always thought they would be safe having their nuclear missile ship armada to protect them, they murdered Anthony Scalia in Feb 2016 to maintain control of the Supreme Court and Bill Clinton promised AG Loretta Lynch on the Tarmac in June of 2016 a position on the Supreme Court. In return Lynch was supposed to look the other way at any of Hillary’s email/server evidence which she did. Hillary then appoints Justice Sonia Sotomayor to replace Scalia and advises Lynch the plan is for her to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Justice Anthony Kennedy was shown evidence of this and was forced to step down under threat of missiles/death.) RBG is also a multiple meaning of the Royal Family/The Queen, so she oversaw ‘The Plan’. 2016-2024 Hillary Clinton, Second 8 years, Goal: Destroy USA, Rise New World Order NOW ****Because of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Loss to President Trump the following events were adjusted but some are still playing out because of the altered timeline. 14. World War III/Real & Orchestrated Joe Biden’s disgraced withdrawal from Afghanistan in August of 2021, is also a clear sign that the Democrats have and will continue to weaken our military. He surrendered the war to the Taliban as well as gave them $85B in military equipment including vehicles, planes, helicopters, small arms and various combat equipment. He refused to apologize and a week later ended up killing 10 civilians including 7 children in a drone strike meant for ISIS-K which was a retaliation for killing 13 US service members and 168 Afghans and Biden also left American citizens and Afghan allies behind. It has also invited unwanted aggressions from China and put pressure on Taiwan. In Oct of 2021 tensions between China and Taiwan are the worst in 40 years. Joe Biden continues to side with China and their “One China” policy, which declares Taiwan will once again be part of China in the future whereas Taiwan considers itself sovereign. No shots have been fired but China has increase aircraft in the area by 150, a move with Taiwan considers, hostile. Most allied countries in the area are urging both countries to talk to find a resolution but China continues to be aggressive with its military presence in the area. US special operations are training small ground forces in Taiwan and have been for at least a year, indicating President Trump may have set that up. The Marines have also been collaborating with maritime forces for small boat training. The training may also reflect the Pentagons concern that Taiwan is not ready for a Chinese invasion. China appears to be the main threat, but Russia and Iran are also becoming an issues. Russia has been interfering with Ukraine and Syria which could escalate further. And Iran has been meddling with Iraq and Syria. Tensions could escalate into a large scale Cold War but things are tempered for the moment. Adm. Charles Richard of US Strategic Command claims there is a real possibility of a nuclear threat by Russia and China as things escalate. The threat is still low but we must rethink the risks and our planning and execution. Both countries are taking advantage of cyber threats as well as the pandemic and could lead to a power crisis or conflict. The US must actively keep their aggression in check or risk embarrassment or worse from our adversaries. 15. Population Control & Pocket Billions Our Deep State government is in league with the Chinese Communist Party CCP, who has those same world leaders on puppets strings. They purposely released Covid-19 from the Wuhan Lab in Wuhan, China in 2020. Peter Daszak, Anthony Fauci, Ralph Baric and Zhengli-Li Shi all conspired to create, release and monetize Covid-19 as early as February 2016 using already patented vaccines. The federal government is also involved in owning these patents. Their gain of function research was funded by the NIAID, EcoHealth and the NIH to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Wuhan Institute of Virology. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also contributes to the NIH and NIAID for vaccine research and Gates has been on record for a depopulation plan. Dr. Peter Breggin a world renowned psychiatrist also says Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab created Covid-19 and deadly vaccines to support a “new world order” agenda. He wants people to stop being scared and to start getting angry, stand up for your rights and for liberty. He says to stop trying to figure out why they would do such an evil thing and just start to fight it. Bill Gates has even given depopulation speeches such as his 2010 Ted Talks where he describes if they do a really great job, vaccines will lower the population by 10 or 15 percent. In 2015, before Covid-19, Gates held an event in anticipations of a pandemic, where he implied he they were working on a pandemic and vaccine to go with it. Gates explained, “You get the vaccine. If it doesn’t kill you, you get COVID and get very sick,”. Dr Breggin also discovered a 2015 paper that showed NIAID funding to the Chinese Wuhan lab, which is even more evidence of a CCP pandemic plan. They know these vaccines won’t work and that they just work short term, long enough for the mutations to appear. WEF’s Klaus Schwab website contains a 2016 plan that is 65 pages and lays out the pandemic. It includes Fauci and Gates work with CEPI and the World Health Organization, which is controlled by the United Nations, and it describes the vaccine plans and how the WHO will take over once the vaccines are out. Dr. Breggin feels if we fight back now we can turn this around. Not a violent fight, but get involved, be vocal. Stop complying and take brave risks Q4097 - Why would Pelosi [D] block origination-source [roll-out] investigation of COVID-19 in [China]? Prevent public exposure of truth? Ask yourself, why? [D]_People's_Republic_of_China Q ‘House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "husband, Paul Pelosi, has done a series of deals in mainland China... and are part of the fact that the Chinese are trying to curry favor with high-ranking politicians in the United States."’ Via Real Clear Politics 16. Eliminate Final Good Guys in Government Clinton’s plan was to eliminate the rest of the good guys in government but since she lost the plan was delayed and now Resident Biden is fulfilling her plan. The following were let go or asked to resign within the first week of Biden’s Residency; Michael Ellis, a National Security Agency’s top lawyer; Charles Cowan Jr. a Senior Executive at the Office of Administration at the Department of Housing and Urban Development; Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams; Michael Pack head of Voice of America VOA; Andrew Saul the Social Security commissioner; and Peter Robb the National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel. 17. Kill Economy & Enslave Public The Deep State leaked Covid-19 with the intention of creating a pandemic money-making depopulation scheme using the virus and vaccines. Operation Warp Speed showed that the vaccines were suspiciously available very quickly by Pfizer and Moderna which they receive royalties for. A $100 billion dollar market. They, with the help of Dr. Deborah Birx, even conspired with the CIA/MOSSAD Media to push down real, safe treatments like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine HCQ so that they, Big Pharma, the Deep State and Cabal could reap the benefits. Gates and Dr. Birx even have connections to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) and Imperial College in London, which both produced incorrect CV-19 data and along with the Media, helped push governments and the population in to lockdown which caused worldwide economic devastation. If we all used HCQ or Ivermectin as a preventive for a few weeks we get rid of the pandemic completely. But there is no profit in that. They want depopulation and control with a "one world government with less than 500M people in the world" as stated in the Cabal’s Georgia Guidestones creed. To complete this task, they also need to erode our rights and tear down our resolve with forced vaccination mandates, contact tracing, quarantine camps which the Centers for Disease Control CDC and The World Health Organization also have their corrupt hands in as well as government collaboration to enforce these restrictions. This creates further division by pitting vax against unvaxed people against each other and a fear of “doing the right thing”. If the world is scared and following these “rules” then they can achieve their goals of depopulation and control. Fauci, Soros and Gates also have these similar pandemic/vaccine scheme connections to Ebola and Aids and seem very focused on places like Africa in dire need of humanitarian aid where the Cabal has been known to traffic weapons/humans. It is also rumored that these bioweapons are used by CIA/MOSSAD to control and coerce individuals for compliance. Starting January 23, 2020, the city of Wuhan was on lockdown for 76 days until April 8, 2020 because of Covid-19 but the country of China was only on lockdown for 16 days reopening February 10, 2020. The United States started a nationwide lockdown March 23, 2020 and some states like New York was locked down until June 27, 2020 and California didn’t reopen until August 28 2020. How is it possible the source country of the virus was only on lockdown for 16 days? That in itself is suspicious. 'Quarantine' is when you restrict the movement of sick people. 'Tyranny' is when you restrict the movement of healthy people. Q The Deep State Democrats handled Covid-19 and the sick and elderly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities in a murderous way. One example is New York in March of 2020, Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio set up several multi-million-dollar field hospitals and President Trump even sent out the USNS Comfort to assist with Non Covid-19 patients so more local resources could be used, he also sent out an unprecedented level of ventilators, PPE and equipment to New York. They barely used them, instead they sent the overflow of Covid-19 patients to nursing homes and forced them to comply with regulations that made them take the patients in. This caused Covid-19 to run rampant through these facilities, causing thousands of unnecessary deaths. Governor Cuomo also claimed to give those facilities ventilators, PPE and equipment, but the facilities have denied this. Similar situations also occurred in many other Democratic states like New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Connecticut and many others. Out of 43 states reporting such information 42% of Covid-19 deaths have happened in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. They knowingly pushed CV-19 patients into these facilities to inflate death rate numbers as well as add to their depopulation plan. This should be reclassified as murder! In September 5, 2021, the CDC reported that deaths with comorbidities is 95% with an average of 4 additional conditions per death, so it’s actually 5% that die that have only Covid-19. Comorbidities are additional illnesses that contribute to the death. Table 3 on the CDC website under ‘Comorbidities and other conditions’ outline the types of illnesses that contributed such as Influenza, Pneumonia, Respiratory Distress Syndrome/Failure/Arrest, Hypertension and Heart Diseases are in the top categories as additional cause of death. The CDC Director admits that the Covid-19 cases were overcounted. Hospitals are labeling deaths like heart attacks and cancer as Covid-19 and the mainstream media helped to push the inaccuracy. President Trump announced Operation Warp Speed in May of 2020. This was an expedited process to produce vaccines quickly for Covid-19. He put vaccine expert Mancef Slaouli of Glaxo Smith Kline in charge along with General Gus Perna of the US Army. This was in hopes to produce a vaccine by the end of the year, and it also bypassed Dr. Fauci’s ability to delay any vaccine production efforts which he has a history of doing. The early vaccine allowed President Trump to reopen the country quickly which they were able to do. He also supported therapeutics early on like Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), an antimalarial drug along with Azithromycin (AZM) and Zinc which the mainstream media balked at. As of January 2021, The American Journal of Medicine now recommends the treatment for Covid-19. Ivermectin is another promising treatment for Covid-19, cases in India are heading way down because they chose to treat with Ivermectin and HCQ. Hundreds of studies on both have shown that they are both effective as a treatment and prophylaxis against Covid-19. As of September 2021, there are currently four Covid-19 vaccines available; AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, mRNA Moderna and mRNA Pfizer-BioNTech. Both the mRNA vaccines by Pfizer & Moderna can cause side effects like acute Central Nervous System (CNS) demyelination, including Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 24–64-year-olds. Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) in women in their 30s. Guillain-Barre autoimmune paralysis in ages 43-70. They induce prion-based disease which cause neurodegenerative disorders like Dementia and ALS, which makes it a bioweapon. People who receive the vaccine will also shed these spike proteins infecting people who are unvaccinated. The AstraZeneca vaccine is causing dangerous blood clots with low platelets in ages ranging from teens to mid-60’s. Like the mRNA’s it also causes Guillain-Barre syndrome in ages 43–70-year-olds. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine has a similar issue with blood clots especially for people under 65 which can cause Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis (CVST). They had removed it from the market in April 2020 for 11 days and it had new warnings added once it returned. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database contains all of the unverified information on vaccine injuries and deaths. As of September 3, 2021 there have been 14,701 deaths from the Covid-19 vaccines. The current average since July 24, 2021 when 11,405 deaths were reported, comes out to 3,296 or 70 deaths per day. A total of approximately 675,000 cases of vaccine injury have been reported to the database. Nobel Prize winner Prof. Luc Montagnier claims the vaccines are creating the variants and other epidemiologists are aware of it but remain silent. Antibody-Dependent Enhancement ADE, which are the antibodies created by the Covid-19 vaccine that force the virus to find another solution which it does by creating the variants. Scientific trends outline the curve of vaccination to the curve of deaths. He has received support from a long list of medical doctors in the European Medicines Agency. There is no way to get herd immunity from Covid-19 vaccines. Vaccine immunity does not last long. The CDC admits vaccinated people are still getting Covid in large numbers because the effectiveness has significantly dropped. Herd immunity is working in patients that have had Covid-19 and are exposed to the Delta Variant. So, the CDC and Fauci’s claim that vaccines would help us reach herd immunity is false. Covid vaccines are “leaky” which cause live virus to escape and to live inside a vaccinated person which mutates over time. This, along with animals being able to infect us, ends up making viruses stronger and we will just keep infecting each other. The CDC will continue to push this fear, so everyone becomes even sicker over anxiety, depression and anger about the situation. This ties back to Wallenberg, who is connected to BlackRock and Vanguard, who have high shares in Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer. The Communist Chinese are connected to the WHO and NIH and are pushing them for the Cabal. 18. Revise Constitution The National Archives: “The Constitution of the United States contains a preamble and seven articles that describe the way the government is structured and how it operates. The first three articles establish the three branches of government and their powers: Legislative (Congress), Executive (office of the President,) and Judicial (Federal court system). A system of checks and balances prevents any one of these separate powers from becoming dominant. Articles four through seven describe the relationship of the states to the Federal Government, establish the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, and define the amendment and ratification processes.” In order to make changes they must have control of the Presidency and Congress, Senate rules that allow a minority to stop radical legislation must be changed. The ‘filibuster’ must be removed so bills can be passed more easily with little opposition from the Senate minority. And Vice President Kamala Harris could break any tie in favor of the radical Democrats agenda. The Senate could then vote similarly to the way the House does. In theory it would make changing the Constitution possible. An amendment would require 2/3 vote by both houses and an additional ratification by 3/4 of the states. "An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people." Thomas Jefferson 19. Ban Sale of Firearms/Repeal 2nd Amendment The 2nd Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” The Constitution Again, Resident Biden is picking up where Hillary was supposed to be four years ago. In his first few months, he has already called on Democrats to go after the 2nd amendment. Sen. Feinstein and Rep Cicilline already put forth assault weapons bans in legislation. It would ban over 200 types of assault weapons but allow owners to keep what they already have. It would also include background checks on purchases, trades and gifts. They claim this is to prevent domestic terrorism. Joe Biden will also team up with George Soros and his Open Society Foundation plus 12 other gun control groups and go on tour to crime ridden cities to explain which best practices they should apply to reduce violence in their cities. There will be no pro-gun advocates joining the tour or giving any input. Q120 - …They think you are stupid. Puppets w/o power. They want your GUNS. Why? No power left… Q3656 - …Why do [D]'s want to abolish the 2ND AMENDMENT? "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." What did the Framers of the Constitution fear the most? "–That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–" We, the People. Q 20. Install Corrupt Supreme Court Justices The Constitution only offers guidance on how the Supreme Court should be set up. It doesn’t specify the number of Justices, only that there should be a Chief Justice. Exploiting this loophole would allow the Democrats to “pack” the court. There have been 9 justices since 1869. The Democrats plan to introduce legislation that would increase the Supreme Court justices from 9 to 13. If passed, this would allow Resident Biden to pick 4 additional judges during his administration. Like most Presidents in the past, they are usually partisan picks, which would mean 4 additional liberal justices on the court, meaning more liberal victories. 21. Remove Electoral College & Install Popular Vote The Constitutional balances of the Electoral College EC were put in place so no one party could over impose on the other. It was meant as a fair system. The Democrats would like to remove the EC and go with a popular vote. The EC allows for equal distribution of voting so no one state/county will outbalance another by compartmentalizing national elections. A popular vote would allow for highly populated areas to overrun the election and allow just a few major cities to allow the outcome of elections. 22. Close US Military Bases Globally Biden was pressured during his 2020 presidential candidacy to cut the military funding and get rid of Space Force. There are also plans to close Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba where they a have been holding 9/11 and Indonesian bombing trials for almost 2 decades. And instead of following President Trumps exit strategy for Afghanistan, Biden chose to close Bagram Air Base first, which ultimately allowed for the Taliban to take over and for Biden basically surrendering Afghanistan and $85B in Military equipment along with leaving US civilians behind. (see #14) 23. Destroy & Censor Opposing News Outlets Conservatives and Alternative media have long been censored by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as Google and YouTube. Resident Biden plans to continue that censorship under the guise of Covid 19 misinformation. Wanting to avoid “false narratives” they will work with Social Media maintain proper flow on the internet. Spokesperson Jen Psaki claims they will also urge them to work even faster to take down what they consider “harmful posts”. At this time, they are only allowing 2 of their trusted physicians to speak out and have their content boosted. (see #9) 24. Open Borders Allowing open borders allows for the “great replacement”. To fundamentally change the racial mix of America. As an incentive it invites the poorest on Earth into the country with promises of taxpayer funded programs for support. A constant stream of new Democrat voters. This is not even going over the invited crime element being ushered in, intended to weaken America. (see #10) 25. Limit & Remove Military Funding Progressives have laid out a wish list that includes cutting $200B yearly from the Pentagon. Ending the nuclear refurbishment for the nation and removing Space Force. The Democrats want to defund the military once again and during a time of high tensions between China, Russian and Iran. Over 60 Democrats signed a letter supporting the defunding of the military and in support of an amendment that would push through their agenda. THEY NEVER THOUGHT SHE WOULD LOSE! ### Trump & 2016 Election derailed plans Seth Rich. The FBI released documents that may tie Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the Seth Rich murder. July 2018 emails mentioning Special Council Robert Mueller and Clinton and both mentioning hiring a hitman and Seth Rich. In 2016, according to testimony from Silk Road Task Force member Ryan D White which Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was in charge of at that time out of Baltimore Md. Rosenstein’s associates Shawn Bridges, Carl M Force IV were caught stealing Bit Coin during a Silk Road case in sent to jail. Rosenstein remained in contact with others involved that were never charged. Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein acquired the help of Drug Enforcement Agent DEA Joseph Rosati and Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms ATF agent Alan L Boroshok to retrieve the thumb drive that Seth Rich always carried with him which contained the DNC emails, in which Wikileaks ultimately posted. DEA Agent Joseph Rosati testifies that he hired the two MS13 agents Rafael Agular and Carmelo Marmeljo-Calixto, to rough up Seth Rich and retrieve the USB key. DEA Agent Rosati and former owner of Nexus Consulting Kevin C Doherty met Agular and Calixtro and brought them to Seth Rich’s location. The two MS13 members approached Rich on the night of July 10, 2016, and in a botched robbery of the USB they ended up shooting and eventually killing Rich. DEA Agent Rosati assisted the MS13 members in their escape 434 miles away to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where he ultimately shot them dead on July 11, 2016. Ryan D White claims Rosenstein dealt with all of the loose ends with the Seth Rich case and would ultimately sign the illegal FISA warrants meant to take down President Trump in the Russia Spying collusion. This would allow Vice President Pence to take power and for Rosenstein to be named VP. -Who was found dead (2) shortly after his murder? What affiliation did they have? Both DNC Staffer Seth Rich and DNC IT Staffer Imran Awan both had inside access to DNC servers. Imram Awan was part of an IT outfit known as the Awan Brothers who were 2 Pakistani Nationals working for the DNC and Chairman Debbie Wasserman Shultz using servers in Pakistan to maintain DNC information. On July 10, 2016, at approximately 4am, Seth Rich was murdered near his Washington DC home. On July 11, 2016, MS13 Members Rafael Agular and Carmelo Marmeljo-Calixto are found murdered with multiple gunshot wounds, 434 miles away in Myrtle Beach. July 22, 2016, Wikileaks begins releasing DNC emails which detail Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s effort to shut out Democrat Candidate Bernie Sanders who endorses Hillary Clinton 2 days after Rich’s murder. DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Shultz resigns over the scandal. July 25, 2016, Imran Awan is arrested for bank fraud charges and cannot leave the country. Both Awan Brothers were detained. In early August of 2016 Julian Assange mentions Rich’s murder in an interview about great risks Wikileaks sources take. In the months directly following President Obama, Hillary Clinton, CIA Director John Brennan, DNI James Clapper, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the Mainstream Media including The Washington Post and New York Times start to spin a DNC Russian election hack story in which a 3rd party contractor Crowdstrike links to the Ukrainian military which was later debunked. On October 7, 2016, Wikileaks releases the first of the Podesta emails whom Wikileaks associate Craig Murray eventually confirms he received from a source in Washington DC. All throughout members of the Rich family tweet out implications that there is foul play with the DNC. In March of 2017 the Rich family hires DC area detective Ron Wheeler who claims there is evidence Seth Rich was emailing Wikileaks and there may be a connection to Imran Awan. 2016- Five Pakistani DNC IT staffers with no clearance, 3 brothers Imran Awan, his wife Hina Alvi, Abid and Jamal Awan and friend Rao Abbas all had access to congressional servers and It equipment at the They started getting noticed when a computer equipment request showed $120,000 missing. Then Imram Awan is arrested and ultimately indicted for Bank Fraud while trying to leave the country and wiring $165000 at the same time. His wife Hina was allowed to leave the country. When searching his home, the FBI seized computers and found smashed hard drives. The indictment indicated, “Defendants AWAN and ALVI did unlawfully, willfully, and knowingly conspire, combine, confederate, and agree with each other to commit offenses against the United States,” regarding bank fraud, false statements and unlawful bank transactions. These individuals all worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz who continued to double talk and defend them after being caught and even gave Imran Awan another position with the House doing various office jobs for staff. The events let to a House investigation and House’s Office of the Inspector General report indicated the Democrats were careless and to inform the constituents of the breech. There were also indications of nefarious purposes and elevated risk that information/documents were read, stored or removed. Lawmakers have expressed their concerns over Wasserman-Schultz Awan even after the indictment. Frontpage Magazine did an exclusive report that links the Awan Brothers to the Muslim Brotherhood and Imran Awan also has ties to Intelligence through his father Haji Ashraf who was the head of a Pakistani Intelligence agency. On October 28, 2016, FBI Director James Comey notifies congressional leaders of the emails leaked from Secretary Clintons personal server and that the FBI will review for classified information. And on Jan 10, 2017, he informs the Senate committee publicly of the DNC Russian Hack and how they never inspected the devices they instead used Crowdstrike. In March of 2017 he along with NSA Director Rogers appears before the House Intelligence Committee confirming again, they never had access to the physical machines but relied on Crowdstrike. President Trump fired Comey on May 9, 2017, for mishandling the email and Russian hack controversy. Woods Procedures: On Sept 30, 2021, “Execution of its Woods Procedures for Applications Filed with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Relating to US Persons” Report was released by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. FISC allows the government to spy on others using the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Application FISA. Once applied for it’s not usually subject to any scrutiny in subsequent proceedings, because of this the DOJ/FBI have duty to maintain integrity in the process including supplying all material facts and to correct and misstatements or omissions of facts. According to Rule 13 these must be made in writing and immediately inform the original presiding Judge. This also includes corrections/modifications and steps to correct and disclosure of non-compliance. All must include in writing to the original Judge, steps to correct any and all issues. This report focuses on the Woods Procedures, which is a process that minimizes factual inaccuracies in FISA applications. All statements must be scrupulously accurate before presenting the application to the presiding Judge. The latest sample audit by IG Horowitz included 29 FISA applications. Numerous instances on non-compliance were found using the Woods Procedures in 25 of the files and of the remaining 4 files, the FBI could not supply the original versions. The same 29 files showed over 400 instances of non-compliances with Woods Procedures and between Jan 2015 and Mar 2020 another 7000 applications had 179 missing required Woods Files. They also found inaccurate and missing information as well as the information needed to support statements in the documents, instead saying the target supported a specific cause. IG Horowitz’s Dec 2019 report on Carter Page’s FISA application showed substantial issues and misconduct as well and even recommended remedial measures to correct the issues created by the FBI. The Four 2016 FISA Applications: Paul Manafort George Papadapoulos Carter Page General Michael Flynn Crossfire Hurricane: The Obama administration conspired to spy against President Trump using UK MI5/6/SIS, Five Eyes, Israeli NSO Pegasus Surveillance and FISC to obtain permission. They were also spying on Senator Cruz’s presidential campaign. Queen Elizabeth II in the UK was using Israeli NSO Pegasus to spy on everyone, she called all the shots through Obama’s administration. The exchange of classified information flowed freely with or without the use of FVEY. On the 2016 election night 7 people, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Susan Rice, John Podesta, Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff flew to London to have a private secret society meeting with Angela Merkel, Jacob Wallenberg and Queen Elizabeth II. The meeting was to discuss how to remove Donald Trump from the US Presidency using the one of their ships that have shipping container missile systems and they discussed how to keep their worldwide trafficking scheme quiet.Q2658/Q4556 They lied on the applications. Germany helped build the Steele Dossier. The Dossier was paid for by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who held RR/Rockets/Missiles against people get it done. It was another set up to take down President Trump. They could not lose control or allow their treason or satanic pedo acts come out. They wanted to rig the election. Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham pushed it because they are part of the Deep State and every media outlet who reported the false information was sharing a hoax. Buzzfeed News, along with the Soros funded International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). MSM heads conspired with Dems to help push Fake Russia narrative. Fusion GPS had Perkins Coie Michael Sussman, paid by Hillary Clinton, and a secret DNC committee with Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, CEO Amy Dacey and Mr Brown push the Russian narrative that President Trump was communicating with a Russian Alfa Bank server in March of 2016. Mr. Sussman’s Sept 16, 2021 indictment reveals in section 7. “The FBI's investigation of these allegations nevertheless concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support the allegations of a secret communications channel with Russian Bank-1. In particular, and among other things, the FBI's investigation revealed that the email server at issue was not owned or operated by the Trump Organization but, rather, had been administered by a mass marketing email company that sent advertisements for Trump hotels and hundreds of other clients.” They knew the information was false before they pushed it out to the media yet did it anyway. In 2016, Barrack Obama and FBI Director James Comey told Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to approve the fraudulent FISA applications for Trump’s aid Carter Page, this allowed Obama to spy on Trump. Obama then pushed the Steele Dossier, supported by the FBI and Director of Counterintelligence Bill Preistap, and that Hillary Clinton paid for claiming Russian Election interference. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper tried to get the Supreme Court to invalidate Trump’s presidency while Fusion GPS agent Natalia Veselnitskaya set up Trump’s Campaign Manager Paul Manafort for the Trump Tower events regarding Donald Trump Jr and Jared Kushner and then FBI Deputy Asst. Manafort was a deep state plant, he was deeply in debt to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, so they gave him a way out by setting up President Trump. Former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok & Deputy/Acting Attorney General Sally Yates went after Trump’s National Security Advisor General Flynn. Obama used UK MI5/6/SIS, Five Eyes, Israeli NSO Pegasus Surveillance and FISC to obtain permission. Also assisting were German PM Angela Merkel, UK PM May and CIA Director Gina Haspel, who was the prior CIA UK Station Chief. Obama also used Senators Warner, Cardin and Corker as well as the State Department. Under FISA UK assist, the surveillance allowed for a ‘2 hop” rule. Since Carter Page was the target in the original application for Russian spying, the FBI was then able to spy on anyone Page was in contact with and anyone the next person was in contact with. This included President Trump, NSA Director General Flynn, Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign advisor George Papadopoulos, and Senator Ted Cruz. The original application was dated April 1, 2016, 11 days before Carter Page joined the Trump campaign on March 21, 2016, and 10 days after the Buryakov press release identified Page as the Russian agent on March 11, 2016. The FBI used this same application plus 3 renewal applications as their basis for the Dossier and then ultimately the Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation. This throws off the timeline and shows that Obama’s intel team was spying on President Trump and Senator Cruz long before Carter Page was involved and likely earlier during the presidential campaign. Q1150 - Think timing. LL (Loreta Lynch) remains AG (Attorney General for) HRC (Hillary Clinton). HRC appoints new AS (Justice Anthony Scalia) replacement (Justice Sonia Sotomayor). RBG (Justice Ginsberg) steps down. LL (Loreta Lynch) steps up. New AG (Attorney General) ‘The Plan’. Q Q2088 - …They always thought if charges were brought [v. them] they would ultimately be safe [SC control] (Supreme Court). [AS] (Justice Anthony Scalia) out [HRC] (Hillary Clinton) appointment(s) >> End of all ends. Final. Did Anthony Kennedy have a choice? Was this the original plan according to HRC election win? What evidence was he shown? RBG replacement [lifetime appointment - age]?... CIA Director John Brennan and Peter Strzok used an Intelligence Community Assessment ICA with the Dossier added to it while Strzok’s wife Melissa Hodgman was hiding Hillary’s email evidence. Hiding Hillary’s evidence was also the reason of former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lorretta Lynch’s Tarmac meeting in June of 2016. As an exchange, Lynch was promised a Supreme Court appointment once Justice Ginsberg stepped down. They always thought they would be safe having their nuclear missile ship armada to protect them, they murdered Anthony Scalia in Feb 2016 to maintain control of the Supreme Court and Bill Clinton promised AG Loretta Lynch on the Tarmac in June of 2016 a position on the Supreme Court. In return Lynch was supposed to look the other way at any of Hillary’s email/server evidence which she did. Hillary then appoints Justice Sonia Sotomayor to replace Scalia and advises Lynch the plan is for her to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Justice Anthony Kennedy was shown evidence of this and was forced to step down under threat of missiles/death.) RBG is also a multiple meaning of the Royal Family/The Queen, so she oversaw ‘The Plan’. National Security Advisor Susan Rice unmasked Flynn’s meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislak, with help from the Washington Post reporter Adam Entous, who leaked it from a source that saw it in a Palpatine’s Revenge game chat log discussion. As early as November 2016, unmasking requests to the NSA were made by 16 people including US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, DNI James Clapper and then Vice President Joe Biden made a few of the requests. This was before the actual Flynn/Kislyak phone call on Dec 29, 2017, proving a set up occurred beforehand. Approved by Rice in 2017 under Obama’s guidance and Russian interference Executive Order, in a purely political move. During this timeframe, Strzok’s FBI interview with Flynn on January 24, 2017, forcing Flynn to later plead guilty and be fired about lying to Vice President Pence. Strzok also withheld exculpatory evidence of handwritten notes taken by him, DOJ official Tashina Gauhar and FBI Lawyer Dana Boente, during and after the meeting with Flynn that found that he had not engaged in any wrongdoing. The FBI kept the case open regardless to pursue Joe Biden’s suggested idea to prosecute him under the Logan Act which didn’t apply either. Trump’s campaign advisor George Papadopoulos and Australian Ambassador Downer were spied on by Strzok in London and this was used to set up the Robert Mueller investigation and the 2019 impeachment of Trump. Strzok and FBI General Counsel Lisa Page’s texts revealed Obama’s involvement and plan to take down Trump and hide Hillary’s crimes, including crimes against children. Brennan’s CIA spied on FISA court head Chief Justice Roberts who was likely blackmailed into all FISA investigations including Flynn’s, who was ultimately pardoned by the President. The Illuminati Cabal and Hillary held CIA spying info and RR/Rockets/Missiles from her armada of ships, against people get it done. On November 22, 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed US Attorney for Utah John Huber directing him to investigate Hillary Clinton and claims of FBI and DOJ misconduct, which didn’t amount to much so in May 2019 Attorney General Barr assigned a special counsel to John Durham who is known for successfully prosecuting mobsters like the Gambino, Genovese and Patriarca. He also was tasked to go after Boston corruption and in 2005 he investigated the CIA for destruction of videotapes regarding 9/11 interrogation something that former CIA Director Gina Haspel also did at the CIA black site in Thailand. He is in charge of investigating the Deep State corruption that occurred during FISA as well as other crimes. But it’s been delayed because of the RR/CME/Missiles threat to the world. Most of the information discovered here was received from the Inspector General Michael Horowitz report on FISA released on December 9, 2019, but the IG concluded that the DOJ and FBI largely complied with policies. Both Barr and Durham publicly commented that they disagree with the conclusion of the report. A likely conclusion if the threat of RR/CME/Missiles were known. ### 2020 Election Mike Lindell has provided tons of documented evidence of Voter Fraud starting in Maricopa County AZ, in a Documentary called ‘Absolute Proof’ and presented it multiple times for the American public. Tampered with Dominion voting machines, cyber intrusions mostly from China on election night, phony paper ballots, dead voters and voter intimidation just to name a few. Dominion and Smartmatic machines have connections to George Soros. September 25, 2021, the Maricopa County 2020 Election audit results were released, the audit included 1500 volunteers. Over 2.1 Million ballots were hand processed and over 57,000 ballots may be legally in question which is more the 5x the amount the Biden supposedly won by which was 10,457. Karen Fann, the Arizona Senate president claims the audit received unnecessary obstruction from Maricopa County by going to court and the use of subpoenas. The audit uncovered significant evidence of broken statutes and personnel not following chain of custody. Election systems, record keeping, signature verification match and voter roll issues need improvement and investigation. Because Maricopa County officials refused to cooperate it was impossible to complete the audit. It was led by Cyber Ninjas Doug Logan and Ben Cotton as well as an independent team including assistance from Dr Shiva Ayyadurai for audit analysis, Randy Pullen and Ken Bennet presented election laws. Senator Peterson identified critical issues encountered while obtaining the audit including audit obstruction, the numbers don’t add up, “It appears they broke the law with duplicate ballots”, people need to be held accountable for mistakes, chain of custody issues, data files were not preserved, weakness in Cyber Security and missing signatures on envelopes. The routers, Splunk data and Netflow data were never given to the auditors for review, this would have shown internet traffic which was not allowed. The actual recount in the audit showed Joe Biden won by 994 votes but also showed a multitude of evidence that fraud was committed. Mail in ballot issues: Mail‐in Ballots Voted from Prior Address 23,344; More Ballots Returned by Voter Than Received 9,041; Potential Voters that Voted in Multiple Counties 5295; Official Results Does Not Match Who Voted 3,432; More Duplicates Than Original Ballots 2,592; In‐Person Voters Who Had Moved out of Maricopa County 2,382; Voters Moved Out‐of‐State During 29‐Day Period Proceeding Election 2,081 Maricopa had originally refused to do a canvas, which would show the number of votes cast should not exceed the number of voters. The ballot delta is currently 11,592. A Canvass was run by citizens and led by Liz Harris during the audit instead. On its Canvass report, Maricopa had not counted any duplicate ballots. Another Canvass could validate findings even further as well as an investigation by the Attorney General. As of Sep 26, 2021, 41 legislators from various states wrote a letters calling on a 50-state audit. There were 29,557 duplicate ballots and 26, 965 were sent for duplication, leaving 2,592 more duplicate ballots counted then sent. When attempting to resolve discrepancies the audit team was met with resistance by Maricopa County. Unidentified and misidentified ballot batches were supplied which draws questions to signature verification verifiability. Dr Shiva found 17,322 duplicates in which some cast 3- and 4-times mail in ballot signatures, 25% were received after the election. Other ballot anomalies: Received without Record of Being Sent 397; Voters With Incomplete Names 393; Deceased Voters 282; Late Registered Voters with Counted Votes 198; Double Scanned & Counted Ballots 50; UOCAVA The audit results show that over 1 million files were missing, and 284,412 ballot images corrupt from the Election Management Server EMS and logs were cleared. Maricopa County disputed that this happened. There were statutes being broken and chain of custody issues regarding ballots and they were not always delineated, or they had missing serial numbers, these will all need to be investigated. Computer and cyber security protocols were not followed like patch and credential management, best practices by Cyber & Infrastructure Security Agency CISA were ignored as well. Counties should always be able to be in control of their administrator passwords for voting machines to maintain monitoring and integrity. Fake paper was used in 100% of the ballots instead of VoteSecure stock when asked to research paper, ink, toner and ballot formats further, Maricopa County blocked the request. 74,243 more ballots were received then sent out, 11,326 didn’t show up on election but did show up on Dec 4, 2020. 3981 voted but registered after Oct 15, which would disqualify them from voting in 2020 election. An estimate of 57,000 votes with improper voter discrepancies voter registration were found. This type of fraud could invalidate the election and should be criminally investigated. Also, a Kinematic Artifact processing is checking the ballot images and will fully map all printer miscalculations and have a report available shortly. Additional audit tallies: Votes Counted in Excess of Voters Who Voted 1551; Voters not part of the Official Precinct Register 618; Ballots Returned Not in the Final Voted File 430; Duplicated Ballots Incorrect & Missing Serial Numbers 500; Mail‐In Ballot Audit UOCAVA Count Does Not Match the EAC Count 226; Date of Registration Changes to Earlier Date 194; Duplicate Voter IDs 186; Multiple Voters Linked by AFFSEQ 101; UOCAVA Electronic Ballots Double Counted 6; Duplicate Ballots Reuse Serial Numbers 6; Individuals voted in more than one county 5,047, for up to 5,295 additional votes; Voters cast ballots using incomplete names 393; Individuals who registered after the Oct. 15 deadline voted anyway 198; Voters shared a registration number with another voter 2,861; Votes appeared to be cast in the names of dead voters 282; Voters appeared to have duplicate voter IDs, both of which were presented at separate times 186. The Democrats have a history of cheating in elections. A Philadelphia Judge of Elections, Domenik DeMuro, was caught adding votes for Democrats in the 39th Ward in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In Troy New York, Former Democratic City Clerk William McInerney, Democratic Councilman John Brown, and Democratic political operatives Anthony Renna and Anthony DeFiglio were caught forging signatures on absentee ballots for the Working Families Party Primary in 2009, all four plead guilty. In 2016 Project Veritas uncovered that the New York City Democrat election commissioner Alan Schulkin admitted on film “there is a lot of voter fraud”. Democrat Operative Scott Foval admitted they “bus people in”, using fake shell companies, out of state voters are hired just to vote and then paid off through the shell companies. House Resolution 1 HR-1 transfers authority in how elections are run from the State to the Federal Government. It mandates voter registration for anyone registered at the Department of Motor Vehicles, Public Universities or any social service agency. It also mandates that States comply with these new laws regardless of their state laws. Unmonitored absentee voter drop boxes must be made available 24 hours a day within 45 days prior to federal election, this also allows for curbside voting. It forces states to redraw congressional district lines to show “racial, ethnic, economic and gender” diversity. It removes any requirements for Voter ID and allows illegal immigrants and felons to vote and allows for ballot harvesting. It limits the ability for lawsuits against HR-1 and recommends statehood for the District of Columbia. It limits free speech against the law and considers it “misleading information”, penalties could be up to 5 years in prison. It is illegal in the United States for non-citizens to vote in elections, regardless some jurisdictions still allow immigrants to vote. Immigrants are also counted when remapping congressional districts which allows for more electors. These things apply even if they have broken the law. 6.4% of Immigrants voted in the 2008 presidential election according to a 2014 study. The majority of Americans are against non-citizen voting. Voter ID requirements demonstrate identity and citizenship greatly reduce voter fraud. **This also has a multiple meaning of removing Jacob Wallenberg from power through the use of cyber and information warfare. ### THE STORM IT WILL ALL COME OUT. President Trump & Q will not be BAITED by Cabal when the release itself will FORCE TERMINATION of ship CME/missile system in Red Castle (Gibraltar). This will trigger The Storm worldwide, White Squall, using the Military that's already deployed around the world & applying the Law Of War. EAS alerts with Local and State Authority messages will be sent out, including FEMA and DEFCON Alerts. The extraordinary success of this mission will be due to the incredible skill, bravery, and selfless courage of the United States Military HEROES. This is the way the mission was designed. Space Force SF is aware of the threat and will take steps to eliminate using the Missile Defense System, which is missile shield. This includes Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles ICBMs or other Ballistic Missiles. SF also has mentioned wanting to add Directed Energy Weapons DEWs and Anti Satellite ASAT weapons capabilities to its arsenal as well. We are well protected from our adversaries. The Storm Is Coming Earthquake and Category 5 type Storm damage. Significant, life-threatening impacts will occur as in power outages and heavy rainfall, fast-moving significant flooding, dangerous life-threatening coastal storm surge of 12-16 feet. Catastrophic wind damage in excess of 150 mph is expected, as well as isolated tornadoes. Extremely life-threatening inundation. Stay in small interior rooms with no windows. Be sure to have food, water & supplies on hand! Residents should learn/know where they are on a map and which National Weather Service NWS office covers their area. FEMA will work with federal, state, local tribal and non-governmental partners to support the response across multiple states. We will deploy staff and staged meals, water, tarps and generators to assist states impacted by the Storm. To locate a shelter near you visit the Red Cross Shelter Map or download the FEMA App. Areas inland will continue to experience dangerous weather conditions, please be safe and listen to local emergency management officials. Anyone in the forecast path should rush to complete final preparations.

The US Army Corps of Engineers team is in position & ready to provide support as well as the National Guard. Helplessness, anger, and frustration are all normal feelings, but know that you are not alone. Lean on each other, friends, family, chaplains, and others to talk it through. Residents should shelter in place for the duration of the storm and follow shelter-in-place guidelines from State and Local officials. Know that the US Military is here for you if you need assistance. Actions to protect life and property will occur. Temporary Power Teams will set up Emergency Commands and Control Vehicles (ECCV) 03 at Generator Staging Bases. The USACE Temporary Power Teams will be working day and night shifts to deliver emergency power to critical facilities as assigned by FEMA for the Federal response. The mission will focus on providing temporary emergency power to critical infrastructure, emergency responders, and social systems to support lifesaving and life sustaining activities. Put on your full armor of God! It will be Biblical! Additional Storm Tips: -Keep freezers & refrigerators closed. -Only use generators outdoors and away from windows -Do not use a gas stove to heat your home. -Disconnect appliances in electronics to avoid damage from electrical surges. -Have alternate plans for refrigerated medications or using power dependent medical devices. -The refrigerator will keep your food cold for four hours. A full freezer will keep the temperature for about 48 hours. Use coolers with ice if necessary. Monitor temperatures with a thermometer. The US Military and its complete arsenal, which President Trump controls, will be the SAVIORS OF MANKIND! NOW THE HUNTERS BECOME THE HUNTED! The Cabal will cower in fear at the wrath of God! The Cabal will fall. The governments will collapse, and the people should not be afraid. Pray for our brave service members, they are true heroes! Our Soldiers will be working hard to secure a dangerous environment to protect people of the world. That is the ultimate act of compassion.

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