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News Updates for December 6th 2021 (Please Share)

“ News Updates for Saturday, December 6th, 2021 ”

" I created this site, hoping to help not only Canadians, but for Anybody that wants to wake up to Hear the Truth " and Yes I do realize it may not be the best website out there, but it's still a platform and it’s doing its job (You’re reading this are you not!) to get the Truth Out. And besides how much longer are we going to be around before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tic Toc go down then what, why I suggest to add yourself to our mailing lists, just in case.

This is what I decided to do as a Canadian and true Patriot and believe in me, I literally do research 24/7 so any information that I feel is plausible I take notes, cross reference, try my best to fact check, and then I post but it is up to each and everyone one of us to do our own research, and again as I always say, NEVER believe or trust anything I say, always fact check things yourself.

I get an awful lot of people commenting, emailing etc. and as always I continue to do my best to reply to everyone, so if I did not get back to you right away, have faith in me ok, I’m really trying my best.

I recommend checking the News Update on my website daily, but really suggest you start from the last page #17 and work your way up, may help bring you up to speed.

“ I wish you all a safe and Blessed Night, Be Well “

Here are my opinions that I feel others may find helpful…

Ø Maxwell judge is corrupt appointed by Obama and James Comey’s daughter is the prosecutor, they are asking for a mistrial without prejudice, “Can not be charged again” False Flag by the White Hats. Ghislaine Maxwell case actually ended a long time ago, we are watching another movie playing out and she is at Gitmo and all media was blacked out. By the White Hats.

Ø There has been an 85% increase in Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as the prion’s do their job, and your immune system decreases 25% per Month post Vaccine, and then 5% a weekwhich leads those that have been jabbed to become AIDS patients

Ø After taking the 2nd vaccine your immune system is diminished by 40-50% and then 5% every few weeks until you have zero Immune system left ( Immune compromised ) your body can not fight and will lose the battle and death will follow.

Ø Kids intellectual function has decreased 26% SINCE TAKING THE VACINNE.

Ø Jack Dorsey of Twitter has resigned was on Epstein flight log. (Lolita Express)

Ø CFO of Walmart has resigned.

Ø CFO of CNBC has resigned.

Ø Twitter was designed as a trading platform for pedophiles.

Ø Covid is/was being spread through chemtrails, may contain Morgellons disease Search Peter Kirby….Chemtrails Exposed, “The New Manhattan Project”

Ø Kyle Rittenhouse was Green screen and was a play by yet more actors, what does the (Kyle Rittenhouse and Sandy Hook connection, have in common besides both being a False Flag Event.

Ø Trump is giving up is a False Flag….Lies being spreading by the Cabal. Trump will never give up.

Ø Trump. believe it or not, is not in control, the people that planted him in office are. He is also playing a role in this movie.

Ø There have been between 24- 50 assassinations attempts that have been made on the Trump Family.

Ø A scare of a Nuclear event will be announced. (False Flag)

Ø The NEW Star Link Internet system has been created and ready to fully launch and is said to be 7000 to 10,000 faster than current internet and it will shutdown the Cabal, it was supposed to be launched last month but had to be delayed.

Ø Twitter stock took a nosedive and will disappear within the year.

Ø For the first time ever, Black Friday sales were down by 28%, yet 188,000 guns were purchased.

Ø Pushing the telling people lies and covid bullshit, is a way to stop focusing on the stolen election, then once that has been addressed then the focus will be that we are in WW3 literally, there will be bloodshed.

Ø Lin Wood and Mike Flynn are yet another False Flag to bring us back to focusing on the Stolen Election.

Ø Trump or should I say the Military has EVERYTHING and in full control.

Ø Disney’s CFO will be stepping down along with many other CFO’s and that will be a big signal that shit is happening,

Ø Fauci will be the next main focus, cut off his head (Snakes Head) if you will.

Ø UFO sightings will make headlines. (False Flag)

Ø We are not and have not been at war with Russia, actually they are on our side.

Ø CCP’s missiles are not a threat to us. We have the ability to shot them down before the even hit the skies.

Ø The war that we are now seeing is going to get much much bigger, most likely by February.

Ø Canada, United States, European Union, Commonwealth all Countries (Worldwide) have ALL gone Bankrupt and nothing they do or say means nothing, they have “NO POWER”

Ø First time in history the Federal reserve, is no longer under the control by the Cabal, it is under full control of the Treasury.

Ø All fines given out to people for covid 19 are illegal, so they mean nothing.

Ø Boris Johnston is 110% and actor. (False Flag)

Ø The military that is rolling out that you may see to administer the bioweapon “Shot” is a (False Flag) their actually will be making arrests, remember they swore an oath to protect you, but actually their also here to protect us.

Ø EVERY government Worldwide has been caught and taken down, and are literally shitting themselves, because they all know what is coming.

Ø All governments are illegal.

Ø Every single person in the world needs to stand up and turn on their government.

Ø Crimes against Humanity if found to be guilty comes with a mandatory Death Sentence, and its coming, for the Politicians, Doctors, Nurses, Hollywood, Music and Sports, Lawyers etc. etc. you get my point, will be hanged, or face a Firing Squad.

Ø Protests are being blacked out by All media…Millions are protesting all over the world All Media owner by 6 people worldwide.

Ø Public executions will take place for many (Special Ones) keep the popcorn and beer handy lol.

Ø Q-Qu anon is 110% real, General Michael Fynn knows its real, he is just trying to make people stand up and UNITE.

Ø Anyone, whether Police, Politicians who are trying to force vaccines masks ,etc. tell them as you stand up and push back, some where someone is doing the same to your family and friends. (WAKE THEM UP)

Ø Do a search for David Bowie and Omicron. aws he trying to tell us something.

Ø Iraq has issued their new currency and have dropped 3 ZEROS from their currency by using it as a public address system. Iraq also has a new President, he only needed 104 votes, but he actually got 180+…….HES A GOOD GUY.

Ø Humanitarian financial projects are getting ready to be implemented worldwide forgiveness of Mortgages, Credit Cards, Loans etc. will be forgiven and its already started happening in some countries, we just don’t quite know when it will be accessible to the whole world (Don’t quit your jobs quite yet)

Ø WW2 took 5-1/2 years for it to be over, this WW3 has only been 20+ months so we need to chill a bit.

Ø Pelosi has turned states evidence and singing a canary.

Ø No income tax shall be taken from your paycheck 100% will remain yours. I’m sure you have been hearing the words, will have abundance (Heaven on Earth).

Ø This war has nothing to do with Religion, this is just a power grab, (But they lost already)

Ø 3 (Different Med Beds) or also called Body Pods.

Ø #1 Neurological problems Such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia etc.

Ø #2 Inner body issues Heart, Kidneys, Lungs, Muscle etc.

Ø #3 Regrowth of Limbs, Teeth, Eyes, Ears, Arms, Legs etc.

Ø yet they all must work on frequency, 5g or Higher, so for example you are only on a 3g frequency level they will not work….so open your heart, and believe because remember God has never made a mistake, believe it or not, but he does know what he’s doing, YES it also works on pets 😊

Ø CNN and others are setting up phoney media stages for the Cabal to broad cast fake news.

Ø Hollywood, Music, Governments, Politicians etc. are 110% into buying, Selling, Raping, Torturing, Live Hunting, Adrenochrome (Consuming sacrificed human Children’s Blood) are worse then evil, and it will start becoming more and more public. There will come a time that they won’t be able to walk down the street.

Ø China is now Bankrupt, and they are no longer any threat Powerless”.

Ø People really need to stop blaming Trump for pushing the vaccines, things are not what they appear, JUST let him and the Military do their jobs and start believing.

Ø The postal service has blocked all Ivermectin delivery orders.

Ø Almost everything and everyone in the media that was evil has been replaced with actors/clones/body doubles what we are seeing is CGI and YES that includes

Includes Trudeau

Ø Biden to step down December 15th, 2021 (remember dates can changes).

Ø PCR tests have been outlawed since October 20th, 2021, was reported back in June (THEY ARE ILLEGAL)

Ø Australia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland under lock down because massive arrests ARE BEING MADE.

Ø Do not let any of the fear the government is pushing, false flags e.g.: arrests, fines, nuclear war, missiles etc. “Remember they have no power, they were a Corporation, they are now declared bankrupt. THERE GONE.

Ø 100’s of millions of people worldwide are finally standing up.

Ø Covid 19 has never been isolated (Not Real) how can we have a variant. If it was never Real to begin with.

Ø Rearrange the letters: Omicron = Moronic or Omicron & Delta = Media Control , You See it Now. it’s been right in our faces the whole time.


Sorry these were screen shots, a little hard to make out, but you can enlarge them

I repeat, do not believe anything I say or post, please do your own research.


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