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(Must Read) This is from one of our members, along with Their permission.

I see and reply to 100's of emails, texts. chats, through the period of a day, but then I came across this one post and after reading it, I thought fuck I need to put this on the site for everyone to read, please remember posts that are detailed and as long as it was, are flagged and removed, but they cant flag it here....Hats of to the Author.


I don’t understand the mindset of the people today!!

I wasn’t stupid or selfish when I didn’t get a flu shot, nor did you care. The flu is contagious. As a matter of fact it can be deadly. You didn’t care or even ask if i had my polio shot, that’s deadly too.

Did you care if I was vaccinated against measles? You didn’t even know. What about HIV?

Have you ever slept with someone without protection? You didn’t care then. How do you know if I've ever had the chicken pox vaccine?

Have you asked? NO, you didn’t. So please tell me, why do you care now?

Why am I selfish for not wanting to partake in this experiment? STOP judging people and hating people you've proclaimed to care about, stop calling them selfish and stupid.

I honestly think I’m quite the opposite. Stop blaming your lack of freedom on those of us who don’t believe in the same things.

OUR lack of freedom has nothing to do with me not getting an experimental, gene therapy injection.

Start questioning your government as to why you don’t have your freedom back. If you’ve been vaccinated, I still love you and care about you.

I have no qualms regarding our differences. You’re vaccinated, you should have no worries about people who aren’t. You’re protected now correct?

So please stop hating on your life long friends and people you don't even know for thinking differently. You may need us in the future. I hope this gives you all something to think about.

Strangers, Friends, true friends, family don’t turn on one another for having different opinions.

I'll leave this right here and let you all ponder about the kinda person you are becoming, what ever happened to letting bygones be bygones what ever happen to be kind and respect each other?

I am my own person I respect others for being themselves, And free thinking..

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