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Military Preps Podesta Tribunal

The U.S. military is finishing preparations for its case against the next Deep State architect to face a military tribunal, John Podesta, whose trial at Guantanamo Bay begins on Tuesday, May 4. Real Raw News has learned that Vice Adm. John G. Hannink, who successfully prosecuted the Judge Advocate General’s case against Hillary Clinton, will not return for an encore performance and instead delegate prosecutorial responsibility to another JAG official.

Unlike Clinton, who was eerily reticent until the moment of her execution, Podesta has talked and cooperated with the military in exchange for leniency. Although he won’t escape a tribunal and possible lifelong imprisonment, he will elude the hangman’s noose.

A confidential source with knowledge of the military’s litigation procedures told RRN that Podesta’s tribunal should take less than two days, as Podesta is expected to concede to the prosecution’s most damning allegations. They include sexual interactions with at least 50 underage children. Two, who were ages 6 and 10 at the time Podesta molested them in 2014, are expected to appear at the tribunal via live video to recount stories of how Podesta, Clinton, and a slew of political and Hollywood elites deceptively beguiled them into a world of sex, drugs, and ritual sacrifice.

“Podesta will be opening a Pandora’s Box that can’t be closed. It sickens me that he’s been given a deal. From what I’ve heard, they strapped these kids to gurneys locked in basements and fed them intravenously while periodically doing blood draws on them, telling these kids they were auditioning for roles in Disney films. And then the sexual misconduct. All that “pizza” Podesta enjoyed so much. If he adheres to his agreement, names will be dropping, names will be confirmed,” our source said.

Moreover, it’s anticipated that Podesta will testify to his knowledge of the murders of Vince Foster and Mary Mahone, a White House intern who was gunned down outside in the Georgetown suburb of Washington, D.C. Podesta’s plea deal also stipulates admitting to his involvement in the murders of Seth Rich and former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Additionally, Podesta must confess to taking part in Clinton/Obama-inspired plots to assassinate Donald J. Trump.

“Podesta has admitted he knows about 13 different schemes to kill Trump. Six were actually acted on, though each was foiled,” our source said.

In closing, our source said the military has already picked an all-female, three-officer panel to weigh the military’s case against Podesta. He could receive life at GITMO or, however unlikely, be exonerated on all charges.

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