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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Analysis of Transhumanist/Black Magic Technique used in Travis Scott Portal Event Flier:

Black magic and transhumanism are fully linked, its all about engineering the collective consciousness to manifest control systems and trauma etc.

There is the "see you on the other side", words carry energetic programs depending on who expressed them but they also carry neurolinguistic programming.

In terms of the NLP, the "See you" triggers consciousness to start visualizing as the context is not as relevant at the consciousness level - this kicks off a "manifesting" program of visualizing. The order of the words almost dont matter, you can image it as the same program as "You See".

The "Other Side" is the most simple, direct construct around a observing a boundary and penetrating that boundary.

Just the words trigger the manifestation of a process that penetrates boundaries and transports across them.

The portal symbology in the middle is pretty clear, its always a round vortex portal that this energy moves through dimensions. You can see the other edges of the portal indicate it is spiraling clockwise, just like other portals like chakras etc.

Around the portal it is the symbology of a "Corpse Flower", this is a flower which smells identical to death. Even if the average person doesn't know the smell, this symbology uploaded to the collective consciousness is associated with a smell. You can image the collective consciousness does not distinguish really between the senses, they are just manifestations of the same structure, in this case - Death.

A smell skips many layers of communications and is almost a "hack" of communication. By associating the boundary of the portal with the smell of death, and incredibly strong program is created with that symbology, which is uploaded to the collective consciousness when enough people observe it.

Inside of the portal is the symbology of the "all seeing eye" this is literally the main symbolic manifestation of the transhumanist collective field, "the great one, satan, the all seeing eye, etc", there is no stronger symbolism to represent the transhumanist collective field. You can see the eye is repeated many times, but the eyes arent symmetrical, they are just reinforcing the symbolism of the all seeing eye as much as possible.

Inside of this portal you can see a square mesh, this is an energetic targeting of the transhumanist collective field. Our natural love centered field structures connected to source are trinary and complex, organic flowing geometries liek 3/6/9/12 symmetry etc. The transhumanist collective is not linked to a source, its only a mental field structure which is always binary, 0 and 1, cube shapes etc.

By putting this binary geometry in the center of the portal, they are creating the symbology of this portal connecting to the transhumanist collective field, essentially energetically "locking on" this portal to open into the transhumanist collective field aka hell.

This is just jam packed with symbolism and programs and its only one of the aspects of the ritual, but an excellent example of how spiritual warfare is done.

MASS CASUALTY EVENT AT CONCERT. Hundreds "pass out" dozens rushed to hospital a DOZEN HEART ATTACKS even a 10 year old. Official "explanation" "they couldnt breathe. WE ALL KNOW THE JAB IS RESPONSIBLE.

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