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list of adverse reactions to the COVID Vaccine and it is really something.

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We have the same issue with wife’s grandmother. 86 years old an walked 5 miles a day. Got the Pfizer vaxx, began having hemorrhagic strokes. Cannot get out of bed – Jan_Sobieski

My mother and father took the first Moderna vaccine shot about six weeks ago. Within a week my mother went from a very active person in her mid 80s to an invalid unable to make it from the bed to the bathroom. She has progressively gotten worse to the point that she now looks like a little death camp survivor. We and her doctors expect her to die soon. It wasn’t an allergic reaction. – fireman15

Just heard of a husband and wife died from it who were pro-vax. – bray I personally know of one PREVIOUSLY VERY healthy person, who passed the night of his 1st shot. I have “vax”d friends who are getting over their recent BREAKTHROUGH cases of China virus. – Jane Long

One of our daughters works as a nanny. Being young and healthy, she decided to skip the shot. Her employer is a doctor and tried to encourage her to get the shot. So last week, my daughter came down with COVID. (Mild case) She gave it to the kid who infected her vaxxed parents who are feeling pretty sick. So now, even though my daughter has an active case, she’s going back to work tomorrow to take care of the kid. – cyclotic

Just learned a friend’s father, healthy, in his 70s, got the Pfizer shot a few weeks ago and is in ICU dying of Covid now. That’s all the info I have. My neighbor also got Pfizer and a week later started suffering hemochromatosis. She eats no red meat, only fish and chicken so she has no idea what is going on. – LilFarmer

My cousin’s son —healthy and in his thirties — stopped breathing right after he got the Moderna shot, but he was saved. – Southside_Chicago_Republican

I lost three days at work, the 1st, 5th and 12th after the second Moderna shot…. Severe nausea and headache. – fishtank

I also of people who died days after getting the vaccine. I know of no one who died from the disease that went around, a combination Flu A and a bacterial pneumonia. A good friend got the shot 14 days ago, and he has yet to recover from the resulting sickness. A close co-worker died 6 days after the shot. Another is still in a coma in Montreal after his shot. He suffered a stroke. – CodeToad

I just had a friend die 24 hours after getting the vaccine. A 52 year old male with no health issues. His death certificate says he died of cardiac arrest, which is the typical “Heart Stopped” report when no other condition can be found. There will be no VAERS report. He is not the first to die suddenly after the jab without a VAERS report. – CodeToad

well, i know my next door neighbor who collapsed after the second dose, had to go to the ER, and was admitted to the hospital has buyer’s remorse … AND my client who collapsed with chest pain and shortness of breath after the second dose but didn’t go to the hospital and soon thereafter had a stroke has buyer’s remorse as well … (both are younger and healthier than me, too) – catnipman

It’s happening already in my family. One sister-in-law had intestinal distress so bad, she was in tears. It lasted about 4 days, then her knee blew up one night. She went to the ER, got it aspirated and shot up with some corticosteroid and went home. The very next night, the next knee blew up. After some travails, she had the steroid shot into the next knee as well. She was put on a prednisone taper. Three weeks in, the knee acted up again. So they prednisone got ramped back up and she’s on methotrexate. Her liver enzymes had been high, but are now normal. If you thought that all this would have caused her to rethink her position on vaccines, you would be wrong. – Definitelynotaliberal

A few weeks after I got the jab (J&J), I developed severe tinnitus (ringing in the ears). At that time I also developed conjunctivitis. I have dry eyes but that usually doesn’t effect me except in the winter when the humidity drops. Did some research and found that Israel was reporting eye inflammation after vaccinations (Pfizer) – lizma2

3 acquaintances that took the jab back in mid-June/early July are now dead. The last one died last week Two of em were in petty poor health to begin with and died in early August. The last one was a 54 year-old male in decent health for his age. It took awhile to take him out, but it finally got him. As far as I know, none of em had previously had the disease. – lgjhn23

I know a bunch. One of the guys I work with went from a strong supporter to a “I will never take another flu shot ever” because he got so sick. – Clay Moore

My mother is in the hospital with something wrong with her blood. Dr. refuses to call me. Nurse is very vague. Mother’s doctor back in Jan. said there was nothing wrong with her. She hasn’t been on any meds or even baby aspirin. She was jabbed in April and now this. – bgill

Immediate family member was forced to take it. Had several mini-strokes and seizures. In hospital for several days now. I also have first hand information from medical staff in several hospitals they will leave their jobs before they take these drugs. – TianaHighrider

2nd Mondera shot made me deathly ill, 5 months recovery time. Still weak. No way in hell I’m getting a booster. – rstrahan

I personally know a D1 college athlete, 20 years old, obviously great physical shape. Stroke right after the jab. Will never play the sport again. A close relative, 49 years old, good health, no family history of heart disease about 2 weeks after the shot had a heart attack—PS life saved by a dog who alerted the children in the basement about the heart attack. -Pappy Smear

I also am double Pfizer shot and I am seriously feeling regrets. My wife, my brother, and I got the shots at the same time. My brother, up to that time in relatively good health, died a little over a month late. Heart problems they said. Now I read a government report that myocarditis and pericarditis are two common side effects of mRNA so-called vaccines. – hiddigeigei

My sister in-law 13-year-old niece died after getting the vaccine. She was in great health, but her mother was convinced they had to get the vaccine by the hyperbole news. My 18-year-old niece had heart issues after taking the second dose of the vaccine. – DEPcom

Too late for me. Got my 2nd shot monday and let me tell you, it definitely effed me up. My legs feel weak as hell and I’m out of breath going up just a flight of stairs. Oh yeah and another thing: My right eye has a “flash blindness” that won’t go away. You know when someone shines something bright in your eye like a flash bulb and it makes your eyes see white? That’s what I’m getting on the bottom of my right eye. I have no idea if this is all from the vaccine but I didn’t have these crazy issues before. More strange stuff: I got a physical yesterday and my blood pressure was through the roof, severe hypertension and I’m not even fat. Never had high BP before. They measured me at 174/100…..180/110 is what my doctor called “emergency room level” and look how close I am. He said I’m a walking timebomb for a heart attack or stroke. He immediately put me on BP meds, I can’t believe it. That vaccine definitely messed me up. – GrandJediMasterYoda

I’ve actually had 4 friends and acquaintances have tested positive. All of them fully vaccinated. Two had no symptoms and tested because they were exposed at their job and two who were fairly ill for several days. Another fully vaccinated friend with no history of heart problems has been in the hospital for over a week and they still haven’t been able to diagnose what is wrong.

-Jvette My mother suffered a stroke the very day that she received her second shot. -2111USMC

I know three. All had health problems, but were hanging on. A vaccinated brother of one of the three just developed what feels like to him a never ending charley horse in the back of his thigh. He is unable to walk. I’m sure it’s all a coinkydink. The wife of the brother developed a week long “transient global amnesia” right after her shot. The weird thing is the guy who died stroked out in the car on the way to get his second Pfizer and never regained consciousness.
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