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Keep in mind this was Written in 1981.

In the future (which is now), They’re looking for ways to reduce population as they claim “man is living longer than what he produces”.

They will start with the elderly 60+, the weak, useless and especially the stupid. Euthanasia will be directed at these groups which is an essential instrument to “their society”.

They will get rid of these fearful sheep by making them believe its for their own good. By causing a pandemic (Plandemic) which targets a certain group of people. (The weak)

Globalists will not be able to pass intelligence tests on millions of people so they will cause false flags and see who falls in the trap. The stupid Believe anything, and will ask to be treated. Problem, reaction = then globalists come with a solution 💉. The sheep will be led to the slaughter house and love every single minute of it.

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