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January 22nd Update!

Hi everyone sorry for being so low key these last few days, but with so much going on, its been nuts.

So as I tell EVERYONE, I am a 1 man show, doing on the web media work, but I do have the most amazing Admins/Mods foom my many different platforms which work endlessly DOING none stop research to bring me information so that I can put it out there for others to read and share, "Tipping my hat to you ladies", and yes I said ladies, because during all this bullshit over the last 2 years, if it was not for the ladies waking up, much much faster then the men, we would have not won this war, "Men need to maybe start believing women a little more often" and while were at it, maybe men can grow a set of actual "MAN BALLS" and start acting like a man should act, in other words "Men need to be Men" again....

With that being said, I have put together some of the intel that I gather from many different sources and then combine them together and make my own decision, which means nothing I say or write means "I am right" it is simply my opinion and my opinion alone, it is up to each and everyone solely to do their own research and then determine was they feel is Real or what is Fake....All I ask is, please do not bitch, complain, insult make threats, just because you do not agree with something, because it does nothing for the cause, (Yes it happens often) remember we are all on the same team.

Side Note: If you have not read my posts from the beginning I would like to suggest you do so, especially if your new to the website, as there is a lot of information that may help answer some of the questions you might have. there are roughly 55 pages you can view


January 22nd, 2022

  • Monies Seized by the White Hats....Bushes funds seized 30-40 Trillion Dollars

  • Vanderbilt's 5-7 Trillion

  • EVERYONE needs to boycot McDonalds..... McDonald's is losing a legal battle with chef Jamie Oliver, which proved that the food they sell is not suitable for consumption because it is highly toxic. Chef Jamie Oliver has won the fight against the world's largest grocery chain. Oliver proves how hamburgers are made from fat parts of meat washed with ammonia hydrogen, then used as a "meat pie" to fill the hamburger.

  • Before this process, according to the presenter, this meat was no longer for human consumption. Oliver, a radical activist, a chef who fought the war on the food industry, says: We're talking about meat that would be sold as dog food, and after that it's served to people. Besides the quality of meat, ammonic acid is harmful to health. Oliver says yes: "The whole process is pink shit"! What reasonable person would put a piece of ammonia hydrogen meat into a child's mouth? In another of his initiatives, Oliver demonstrated how chicken nuggets are made: after choosing the "best parts", the rest: fat, skin, cartilage, insides, bones, head, legs, the MEC split smoothie canica - it's euphemism, which and engineers use in food, then that the paste is white, refreshed and repainted, dipped in flour and fried in oil partially dehydrated, i.e. carcinogenic toxic chemicals (even the UNZET global agenda WHO/World Health Organization (NO) admitted that trans fats can cause cancer... )

  • The food industry is using ammonia hydrogen as a antibacterial agent, which allowed McDonald's to use meat in hamburgers that are not suitable for human consumption. However, it is even more disturbing the situation in which these substances based on ammonium hydrogen are considered legal ingredients in the production process in the food industry with the blessings of health care organs around the world. So consumers will never be able to find out what substances they put in our food! Be wise before harm ! "Have you ever thought about where some of the meat they use comes from

  • Fort Knox has been Restocked with Gold....Vatican gold took 700 flights and weighted 20,000 tons....seized all Royals funds, and in the process of seizing 1/3 of commercial properties that were owned by the CCP.

  • The La Palma/Tonga volcanos were not natural, confirmed it was done by Black Hats (HAARP) but the White Hats demolished it.

  • Grapine which is (in the death shot) can Morph, its is Sentient and it has Massless particle's, it can bio-mimic, its magnetic, it contains AI and the DNA in the AI can merge with our DNA, it also Shape shifts, & it thinks for its self & grows extremely fast.

  • For the people that have taken the vaccine, the estimated death will be roughly 1.3+ globally and 55-100 million in USA alone, and front first injection till death, and are suggesting it will happen 23 months from the date of jabs to happen. We tried to warn everyone to wake up..

" So yes a lot of Deaths are and will Happen."

  • There are Mass Earth Changes coming, as written in the Holy Bible, People of high faith and knowing death is coming will start hearding the sick to the Cities, Mass Death's will be grouped together, Much easier to move and arrange the dead.

  • Back in 2017, California was supposed to to have an earth quake of 9+ magnitude, but because our earths inner core is expanding, it is causing the plates to shift, and as the shift happens part of California will break off/slide into the water.

  • The last Trump speech in Arizona was an Avatar (Body Double) wearing an ear piece and Trump was speaking in the back as the double spoke the words (Was not Trump that we saw) btw see how President Trump was dressed, no tie, sleeves rolled up, hat pulled down low, and how many times did he mention the teleprompters were none stop blowing in the wind, it always happens but has never said anything till now about it WINK WINK lol

  • Trump did sign the bill on January 1st 2020 and the belligerent Military must remain in power for 1 year so as of January 20, 2021 till January 20, 2022 which has now passed, means the Military are now fully in control, and 25,000 NG have been deployed and all communications between family and friends to cease.

  • 80-83% off people in the USA are NOW awake YA!!

  • CNN's rating are officially down 92.6% means things are happening.


Sorry if anyone is offended, but like my site name says

"Their Lying to You" (YES spelt wrong on purpose)

So I am only trying to help spread what I think is truth.

BTW if any of you have any information that you would like to to share on the site, please contact me at and I'll post it on my website, or you can follow us at us on Fake-Book

or ask me to invite you to our chat group.

If you believe in your creator, then I would like to suggest you make peace with whoever that may be, and saying a prayer never hurts.

Remember WWG1WGA

Have a Safe & Blessed Day everyone

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