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If your Vacinnated, you may NOT want to view this post.

This is really not for the vacinnated people, cause the stats and numbers are a little shocking, also this is only whats being reported and they say that number is 3-5% only.

Remember I am not a health professional & have never claimed to be, how ever what I am is more of a truth teller, but as I always say, Always do your own research, never believe me.

With that being said, have a great Sunday.


Breaking fresh from the DC presentation to senator Ron Johnson last week we dig into the shocking data from military whistleblowers of the federal data on vaccine adverse reactions in the military. The data is indisputable. Our military is under assault from within. Our attorney friend Tom Renz did an amazing job presenting to Senator Johnson on the recently released data that is showing the extraordinary dangers of these mandated vaccines and we unwrap further. This data is truly shocking.

Getting educated, activated and getting in the fight is critical for each and every constitutionally minded, god, country & family loving human on earth. One way to activate is to join us on The Reawaken America Tour. We encourage you all to show up at any patriot event and also to support all constitutional, freedom loving candidates & patriots in our collective mission to retake our country and way of life. Together we are unstoppable!

God Wins But We The People Need To Do Our Part!

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