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If your awake don't waste your time watching these videos. Its for the brain dead people to watch!

Hi everyone, as most of you know, I am straight forward direct person, and I don't give a fuck what people say about me, my website or my many other media platforms.

My research comes from many many years (60) years old here, and over those years I have been slandered, insulted, Ridiculed, put down, threatened, harassed, called every name in the book but with out a doubt been called a conspiracy Theorist is my favourite, it is usually what I hear most lol.

After many years drifting in and out of relations and bad choices that I made in life, I finally woke up and realized, if I continued on that path, things would not end well for me, so what I did next will absolutely blow you away, you want to know what I did, ok ready for it.


Yes that's right I woke up, and after I did it, it hit me, almost everything that I had been taught turned out the be a fucking lie. and who was lying to me simple:

  1. Governments.

  2. News/TV

  3. Google.

  4. Facebook.

  5. Schooling

  6. etc. the list is endless

That's when I started my research and from that day on I was like seriously, and then covid hit and everyone that I stated above was lying to me and it was coming true, but when Covid-19 and how the above handled it, proved that everything that I was and still am screaming from the roof tops was actually correct .

"That's when I finally proved to myself, that I am not a conspiracy theorist, but a

"Truth Spreader" even sounds more dignified lmao."

So in closing, I am not asking you to believe anything I say, but what I am saying, is get off your fat ass and do some research for yourself, and I don't mean Google or News, I mean actual research, you know why, cause all the information is out there, you just have to stop being so lazy and research for yourself..

But please before you judge me, watch the videos below and decide if what I or MANY others are trying to tell you, and then decide for yourself whether or not we are living in another " Holocaust WW3 "

Added note, please don't attack me, because as I said, I don't care, and I will not reply, I will not take it personally, but above all, it will gain you nothing of added value to your life, but educating ones self does!

Be Well & Be Safe.

An try talking to your creator everyday, also saying a little prayer never hurts.


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