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I would really suggest you read todays updates....

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Remember to please Do your own research!

100+ Proffesional Athletes have collapsed and died and Over 500 rookies have died, but media has blacked it out.

There are 3 different kinds of vaccines Photo to follow tomorrow, I misplaced it.

1 Is a placebo

2 Is the regular flu vaccine

3 Is im sorry to announce is a Cancer causing agent.

They have been spraying us with chemtrails for the last 1 to 2 years.

Covid 19 was found in the water in Barcelona in 2019 but media said nothing.

We now know with absolute certainty, that Covid-19 is/was NOT a virus but an actual a Bioweapon, because it is patented and not natural with means it is/was man made, which is why over 25 countries have taken it to court and won because it has never been isolated, and it won’t be. HINT: Canada was the first to win, Alberta if memory serves me correct.

We have been ingesting Graphene Oxide through the air our water our food and the “DEATH JAB” and when we were locked down, and told to wear a mask that was ordered by the White Hats so we would not go outside, so we would reduce the amount of air we consumed from the chemtrails, but the chemtrails have been destroyed, and now the chemtrails we are seeing, are the White Hats spraying hydryclorican to help save us by trying to clear our bodies/system out. Simply put this way:

“The chemtrails and the vax together, they created a Bio-weapon and that is what’s killing people”.

The number of deaths were actually lower during the plan-demic the any regular flu season.

Over 100+ doctors and Nurses have committed suicide just in the last month because they know/knew what’s coming their way for continuing to give out the vaccine.….Think Nazi Germany.

There will be 4 distractions coming, but in no particular order.

1st Ghislaine Maxwell Trail

2nd The Biden Kamel-Toe Harris admin will collapse.

3rd Still working on this one.

4th The death of the queen will be announced March or April 2022, Hint: She was executed in 2018 and everything going on, (distraction, fear, Lies) are being done to create chaos by the Cabal. but her announcement will be the End of the movie we hope.

Bit coin was funded by the one and only George Soros, and it was created to transfer illegal funds from Europe, South America, USA and other Country’s.

Don’t panic over currency rates etc., as we will be living shortly in a world of abundance and its already started to happen, but the process will not happen over night, but over time

Australia is finally standing up, but it is official that the government as been and still are moving no vaxed people into covid-19 camps, again think Nazi Germany. I tried to warn you!

Of the 100% of people in the world 99% are good and only 1% are evil, and they are getting their way because we are being sheep…..People need to wake up!

A fourth vax already being given in countries and now its coming here, Trump and the White Hats are trying to tell you to wake up, by showing you clearly what’s is happening but yet people are still lining up for the vaccine.

If you take the vax your considered vaccinated, but two weeks later your no longer considered vaccinated, until (That’s right) you get the 3rd booster, then every 6 months after that forever. So in layman’s terms, STAND UP, THROW AWAY THE STUPID Face Muzzle/MASK AND DO NOT TAKE THE VAC PERIOD AND WE WILL TAKE BACK OUR FREEDOM AND THIS WILL BE OVER MUCH SOONER.

Money machines already installed in Iraq, and it is already dispensing their NEW Currency.

Lindell has filed suite regarding overturning the 2020 election, but the Cabal filed a motion to stall.

The PCR test was officially outlawed on October 20 2021, which means they are ILLEGAL, and you can find the info on line if you do your own research because it is out there and just print it out, and take it and show it when your out, if they don’t except it then just tell them your going to serve them with a notice of liability, if they say you cant do that, tell them yes you can and I will……STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS PEOPLE.

YOU ARE GOING INTO THE HOSPITAL AND YOU KNOW THAT THEY ARE GOING TO GIVE YOU A PCR TEST, SIMPLY DO THIS, STICK SOME VASELINE UP YOUR NOSE, AND THE VASEOLLINE WILL GET ONTO THE PCR STICK AND YOU WILL TEST NEGATIVE, IF you have to travel, when they say they need a PCR test showing your negative (There’s no official paper, just print off something that looks official, and they will just say ok.

The Rods of God (White Hats Laser Weapon) think Nashville Motorhome, to be unleash on 34 specific targets, e.g.: White House, Vatican, Buckingham Palace, 3 Gorges dam etc.

Evergrande has collapsed completely in China, they have filed for bankruptcy and that will crush the Real Estate Market amongst other things, and they were also removed for the stock exchange.

There are 3 different Med Beds

1st is for PSTD/brain issues

2nd For body limbs etc.

3rd For Internal Issues….heart, kidney, liver, etc.

Highly Recommend you Watch the Movie “Fall of the Cabal Part #19” by

(Janet Ossebaard) AMAZING and I mean an AMAZING VIDEO.

To show you google is hiding everything in a search, use other search engines like Duck Duck Go and do the same research on Google and see the results.

Any pill you take that is in a Gel form, it most likely contains Graphene Oxide, so try putting a magnetic to your pills and see the infected pills move, if they don’t then great BUT if they do….DO NOT TAKE THEM.

As hard as this might be to believe, but the Kyle Rittenhouse case and trail was a movie, and all done with/by CGI….by the White Hats.

Interested in Alien info the I suggest you search and watch Nick Sylvester.

A few hints or ideas of what you can do to fight back to regain your Country-Freedom-Sovereignty.


“I know easier said then done, so believe in God, or Allah or The Creator or who it may be that you believe in, BUT ALWAYS HAVE FAITH AND BELIEVE, and prayers never hurt because what is coming will show him who real believes.

Do not take the vac, spread any info that you get with as many people as you can. (Social Media, literature, verbally, pics etc.

Stops wearing a mask, stand up and fight back.

Print stickers saying things like e.g.: COVID 19 IS A LIE -Vaccines are killing people – PCR tests don’t work – masks don’t work etc. and stick them in high traffic areas.

Stand up to them and don’t back down, remember what I said about them asking you for negative tests, Vax Passports, that you will serve them personally not just the owner with a notice of liability.

Don’t let people bring you down, the are instilling negativity into your heart/Soul.

Think positive thoughts, raise your frequency level from a 3g to 5g frequency level or higher.

Turn of the news or even better the television (Tele-a-Vision) <--> (Tell-a-Lie) GOT IT!

Stop insulting or slandering or getting mad at people for not believing, if their NOT awake by now, they never will be, if they add no value to your life, then are they really worth it? (Better to surround yourself with one person that adds to your life, then 10 that take away from…”Think about that statement for a moment”!

Hope this helps, please do not believe anything I say or post, but please do you own research.

Be well and have a great night or day, depending on when you are reading this.


Above all else please Share anything your come across


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