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Hundreds March Against Vaxx Mandates In Orlando, Supporting First Responders

On Saturday, in downtown Orlando, this Gateway Pundit journalist documented hundreds of citizens marching in support of the medical freedoms of first responders in Orange County, who have been ordered by the far-left Mayor of Orange County to get vaccinated… OR ELSE.

Mayor Jerry Demings, the husband of House Impeachment Manager and known Trump-hater Val Demings, instituted the order last month despite Orange County Firefighters and other first-responders giving impassioned testimony imploring him to respect their medical choice and freedoms. Since Demings’ decree, Florida Governor Ron Desantis has made it clear that he will impose $5,000 fines per instance for any government agency or private business forcing vaccinations on their employees.

Despite the the fact that the Florida court system has upheld DeSantis’ order while they review it further, several counties, including Orange County have no plans on obeying the Governor’s executive order or the court’s ruling.

Saturday’s rally was one of hundreds of rallies held around the world protesting lockdowns and mandates, billed a “Worldwide Freedom Rally”. The crowd was diverse in their political views, with this journalist noticing dozens of activists who have been fixtures at left-wing gatherings over the past few years joining forces with right-leaning groups in demanding citizens retain absolute choice when it comes to matters concerning their personal health.

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