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The time for humanity’s Mass Awakenings is almost HERE. So, how exactly does one assist their (unawakened) near and dear ones in dealing with the sheer FORCE of all of the truly SHOCKING revelations to come? Wonder no more my beautiful friends of the light, for I’ve INDEED got ALL of your needs covered, right HERE! Read on right below to go catch ’em ALL!

To sum things up, this specific three-step guide can simply be summed up using just three highly memorable Cs (for easy remembrance). These 3 Cs of compassionate assistance are: 1. Calmdown 2. Console 3. Compactify And with THAT being said in full, let us NOW go get started with point #1 RIGHT AWAY! 1. CALM-DOWN: As someone on the LEADING EDGE of the Great Awakening, your very first (and primary) leadership is very much so ENERGETIC (in its nature). In other words, YOU ARE TO BE THE (ENERGETIC) EXAMPLE for the newly-awakening ones to go and MIRROR, REFLECT, and, ultimately, IMITATE. In other words, the unawakened ones, who have for FAR TOO LONG been sheep-like by the virtue of their very NATURE and CHOICES, will therefore NATURALLY look for someone to SHEPHERD them through this whole (somewhat chaotic) awakening process. In short, they will automatically see (and be drawn to notice as to) how YOU are reacting to all of these revelations — and then — COPY and MIRROR and IMITATE them AS IT IS. That’s because almost ALL of the revelations are going to be SO very shocking for them to even as much as DIGEST — that THEY will simply not be having the LUXURY of having a sound and calm mind (or a wise head upon their shoulders) to guide them OUT and AWAY from the said shock in question. And thus, they will ALL then look up to YOU for assistance accordingly, either knowingly or unknowingly. So if YOU stay Calm, Patient, Cool, and COLLECTED, then, THEY TOO (will imitate you) to accordingly stay Calm, Patient, Cool and Collected. And it really is THAT SIMPLE, folks. When YOU RADIATE total Peace, Strength, Calm, Collectedness, Patience, Coolness and sheer, utter, CONFIDENCE, THEY WILL TOO. It’s as easy (and logical!) as adding two and two. — 2. CONSOLE: Look, I totally GET as to just how very MUCH you’d absolutely LOVE TO rage at these ones (and carpet-bomb them with those “I told you so’s”) for staying THIS asleep DESPITE everything that YOU (and SO many OTHERS) told them regarding the true nature of things, secrets, etc., I MUST say this here: NOW is simply NOT the TIME to do so. WHY? Because ONE: if they HAD IT IN THEM to wake up, they very much so WOULD HAVE. NOT ONE AMONGST THEM has been doing it PURPOSEFULLY to “spite you” or anything, they simply NEVER HAD that level of evolved CONSCIOUSNESS as YOU. To expect (spiritual) first graders to be on par with (spiritual) tenth graders was ALWAYS going to be a lost cause, THIS ONE (CASE) being NO exception! For REMEMBER, ALWAYS: “They KNOW NOT what they DO.” Besides, they may very well have contributed to the LOVE and LIGHT upon our beautiful planet through So. Many. OTHER. Means. In turn assisting with the whole GREAT AWAKENING. Who are WE to even KNOW or JUDGE? Be COMPASSIONATE. GOD WOKE YOU UP FIRST FOR A (damn good!) REASON. TWO: You’ll probably NEVER EVER (want to) experience a 3D lifetime as challenging as THIS ONE ever, EVER again — so why not make the MOST OF IT…spiritual growth and learning WISE? And one of the BIGGEST lessons / growth that you can even GLEAN FROM THIS very SITUATION is an opportunity to truly LEARN and EM-BODY that which is known as UN-CONDITIONAL LOVE, UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS and UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE! Unless of course, you wish to DELAY your inevitable (soul growth and progress based) spiritual lessons, and (pointlessly, may I add) have to re-incarnate for learning / grasping just THIS ONE PARTICULAR LESSON all over again in some other time or space of your choosing! Like, what’s even the POINT? Lol. THREE: YOU YOURSELF are not PERFECT with regards to everything else either. YOU have made mistakes too. YOU have been (very MUCH SO!) “unawakened” once upon a time TOO. And someone, somewhere, DID INDEED show a heart LARGE ENOUGH to forgive YOU. Remember their FAVOUR. And then, PAY IT FORWARD. After all: “Let he who hath not SINNED cast the FIRST STONE”, remember? PLEASE understand here that these ones who are unawakened have been (MKULTRA-programmed and) BRAIN-WASHED and HYPNOTISED so very HEAVILY that they TRULY and GENUINELY are unable to see what YOU and I so very EASILY can. They, for whatever soul-lessons of their choosing, have been rendered completely and totally UN-CONSCIOUS by a mix of Technologies and Energies and Programming and Addictions and even (parasitical) Entities attached to them. For, just as you would NEVER mock a colour blind person for not being able to tell the difference between Green and Blue (for they simply COULDN’T if they even WANTED TO), there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER for you to chastise these ones for NOT having YOUR level of spiritual understanding or maturity, which YOU only have because of your (tremendously!) additional number of INCARNATIONS, here. If THEY didn’t need HELP…YOU wouldn’t even be HERE. Besides, YOU gain great spiritual learnings and growth and progress — and not to mention a highly COVETED opportunity for providing SERVICE-TO-ALL — as a result of THEIR unawakened-ness here TOO. Never, ever, EVER forget THAT! PLEASE be KIND to them. Be COMPASSIONATE. And FORGIVING. Be CARING. BE (UN-CONDITIONALLY!) LOVING. Such a BEAUTIFUL (spiritual growth) opportunity may NEVER EVER return within all of CREATION, for all you know! Make the MOST of it. So instead of straight-up diving into criticising them or giving them (deep and unnecessary) explanations of what all they didn’t “get”, be a little COMPASSIONATE instead and just, CONSOLE them. Give them a warm HUG. Hold SPACE for them. Give them ALL of your LOVE. For NOW is when they truly, deeply, NEED IT the MOST. For NOW, is just WHEN they NEED YOU the MOST. And if you STILL can’t help but critique their ways, PLEASE at least do so after a FAIR AMOUNT of time has passed and they’ve had MORE THAN ENOUGH time to INTEGRATE THINGS and truly, ABSORB THE SHOCK. It’s the very LEAST you could do for them. If any of you have ever had a betrayal, a heartbreak, or a backstabbing (by someone you truly LOVED and TRUSTED), you ALREADY have at least SOME INKLING of how THEY’LL all be FEELING — once they discover that EVERYTHING that they’d EVER been told was a complete and total LIE. And that EVERYONE that they’d so placed their FULL FAITH IN (and even attacked other WELL-INTENTIONED people in the defence of), turned out to be the VERY PEOPLE who wanted them all DEAD. It’s a scary-enough guilt trip to be on the receiving-end-of ALREADY, the very LEAST we could do for them, (if for nothing else then out of sheer HUMANITY ALONE), is to not make it even MORE WORSE. Some of them have literally jabbed their own CHILDREN with that murderous clot-shot (because their very beloved “leaders” advised them to). So you can BET YOUR A** HERE that they’re going to be utterly and totally HAUNTED by this. Let’s NOT go make it even MORE WORSE than it all ALREADY is. For this could WELL BE our (awakened ones’) FIRST BIG STEP towards that KINDER and more LOVING world that we had FOREVER hoped to build. DON’T MISS (OUT ON) IT. — 3. COMPACT-IFY: DO NOT make the mistake of over-loading your unawakened friends with EVERYTHING YOU KNOW just yet. EASY DOES IT! Give them just one small morsel of info at a time. Let them digest it first. Let them integrate it first. Then, rinse, repeat. Skip the lengthy details. Small-sized bites, make for a fun-sized appetite. Give them but a GIST of what TRULY MATTERS, just ONE digestible chunk at any given TIME. And then some more. And then some more. Try not to send them down ALL of the crazy conspiracy rabbit holes ALL AT ONCE — it just WOULD. NOT. COMPUTE.

Remember, helping them retain their SANITY and Mental/Emotional STABILITY comes FIRST and FOREMOST. Any and all “Rabbit Holes” can be filled in (for them) LATERS. They’ll all have PLENTY OF TIME to achieve this end EVENTUALLY. Let them do their OWN research over some of these things (rather than YOU just handing it all to them on a silver PLATTER). Let THEM learn the basics and the tricks of the trade for THEMSELVES, TOO. Sure, you can well GUIDE THEM on such matters here and there and drop them a few good RESEARCH-ABLE LINKS every now and then — but DO NOT FORGET that they also (very much so!) have their OWN (soul) JOURNEY of GROWTH and LEARNING to complete here too! ALLOW for it. RESPECT it. 4. CELEBRATE: Wait, WHAT? WHO even said anything about a 4th ‘C’ here in THIS LIST of Cs? Well, that’s because this one’s very much so OPTIONAL. And yet, I would (most definitely!) RECOMMEND IT with ALL OF MY HEART here to ONE AND ALL so concerned! Why even CELEBRATE? Because A: The revelations (to come) would mean that humanity is, at long last, FREE and READY and UNITED AS ONE to truly PROSPER and THRIVE at LONG LAST. And THAT’S truly a WHOLESOME cause that calls for WHOLEHEARTED celebrations — REGARDLESS OF whether you’ve been AWAKE or ASLEEP. And B: Because it will SIGNIFICANTLY lighten up the mood and bring in some (much NEEDED!) JOY. And also because C: In that it will FREE THEM of the immense PRESSURE and PAIN of (potentially suicidal) levels of heart-wrenching GUILT — whilst also giving them all some CONFIDENCE as to the fact that AT LEAST you’re not IR-REDEEMABLY MAD AT THEM here.

And that you’ve truly, deeply, forgiven them as the sheer MASTER that you are. One, who is truly WORTHY of carrying forward the incredible Wisdom, Richness, Glory and LEGACY of that which is the CHRIST(ED) Consciousness. For REMEMBER: There are many who “know” the teachings. And yet — far, far, FAR FEWER FOLKS who can actually put them into actual PRACTICE when push comes to shove. And without the actual, PRACTICAL APPLICATION of the said teachings, merely parroting through them all gets us all exactly NOWHERE. What to make of this knowledge now, is, well, YOUR CALL. So now, freely go FORTH and spread that brilliantly shining LIGHT of yours. — In INFINITE LOVE and LIGHT,

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