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Great Reset:

Peruvian economist Miklos Lukacs has also often spoken about The Great Reset. In a video viewed over 1 million times, he speaks of the role of policy makers such the European Union and China.

The ideologists of these efforts to restrict the rights of the population would be “progressive philanthropists” like George Soros, who are “buying the political support” of world leaders to “set the foundations of technological dystopia”. According to Lukacs, an increasing “verticalization of politics” is leading to a sort of global “techno-collectivist tyranny”.

US economist and declared anti-Marxist Justin Haskins has also claimed that key politicians are involved in the hidden agenda of Davos. “There is a dangerous threat to freedom brewing, (…) the ‘Great Reset’, and it is rapidly gaining popularity among many of the world’s most powerful movers and shakers, including U.S. business and political leaders like Al Gore and John Kerry”, he said.

The WEF initiative aims to “completely destroy the global capitalist economy and reform the Western world”.

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