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From my Research: Please judge for yourself!

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a very non-confrontational person, until something happens that forces the inner animal to surface and defend itself.

Well, I spend basically 24/7/365 researching and researching trying to bring the truth, or what I feel others might find interesting, and to set the record straight. I make absolutely ZERO - NOTHING - ZIPPO for doing this, and if you really need to know, we can dive a little deeper, not only am I NOT making money off any of this, but it’s also actually out of pocket each month! SO!!!

I am just a patriot and average working joe, that was not handed everything, and I was taught to work hard, be respectful to others, but to believe, honour and be thankful for everything we receive. Well, it's very obvious to myself, and many others, that ship has sailed OR has it really?!

If we look deep into ourselves, we may still see that ship in the distance, and we do have power in numbers if we stop dividing and start uniting, together we can bring that ship back to us once again, but only by "UNITING" as one, but in turn, this is what I get from some people or should I say non-believers or "Trolls" and for my efforts, here's some of the things I get daily:

· Email threats Stating they will track me down!

· Message Threats, I’m a loser that is totally brain dead!

· Post replies of slander, insults, people like me are scum, or that my website does nothing, but push lies and fear simply because they don't believe!

· Website is spelt wrong, which I'm quite aware of. They’re & Their <---(Spelt incorrect) stating that that alone should make people stay away!

· My website looks cheap and very childish, the goal was not to impress!

· I only copy and paste, I’m aware that anyone can do that, but I am trying to save people time, I try to verify all posts, but there are times it is very hard to do, which is why I always state, that people should never take what I say as truth and that people should always do their own research!

· I’m a fucking retard, that is making make money of the plan-demic, as I stated earlier, I make absolutely nothing doing this!

· That I have spelling and grammar mistakes – yes, I do, but only because I reply, post and edit all day long, so I’m sorry if I am not as perfect as you would like!

· Say that I post things that are out right lies, so I try to follow up with more proof, and I’m told I am full of shit, and to stick it up my fucking ass, simply because they don’t believe!

When I ask what they are doing as a true patriot to help figure out what is going on the world, they go dead quiet!

Can you all see where I’m going with this? Damned if I do and damned if I don’t!

To let everyone know, I am even more determined to go forward at full steam to try and figure out things and to get my findings out to everyone, so that people may decide for themselves!

I always encourage people to contact me through posts, or directly, to ask me any question they might have, and I try very hard to reply back to each and every one so, sometimes it takes a little longer than I would like to reply, and If I do not know the answer, I will do my best to research the question then reply back!

And finally, anyone that is rude or insults me, or others, will be removed from all my sites, group, messaging, etc., and I will NOT reply at all!

Here are my info updates, and they are solely my opinions:

Life Pods better known as Med-Beds which are 1000 years advanced technology and ahead of our time, also are capable of multiple things such as:

· Cures most or all ailments.

· Hair regrowth.

· Limb regeneration.

· Weight loss of 20-30 lbs

· Dental Regeneration

· Age reversal 20-30 years

This technology works by waking up your mitochondria cells to make the cells turn themselves back on, eg: Crocodiles, Lizards, Sharks, snakes etc. always continue to regrow. They’re expected out sometime between mid December and mid January.

We are watching a movie being played out, but the good news is we are coming to a close sooner then we think. “Credits Rolling”.

Ø Donald Trump, JFK Sr, JFK Jr, General Flynn, Kayleigh McEnaney, Julian Assange, Abraham Lincoln, George Patton, Jackie Kennedy, etc. are all related. Things starting to making sense now?!

Ø Hollywood has been dismantled.

Ø Sports leagues of all types are owned, and the outcomes of games are predetermined – Yes, all crooked.

Ø Sports stars and the music industry all controlled by the Cabal.

Ø Travis Scott concert was a death ritual done on purpose, they report that 8 people died, but the numbers that I have confirmed are over 108 people died that night.

Ø 9-11 was an inside job created by George W Bush Sr and LBJ, and that planes did not hit the towers, you think you saw planes but, in actual reality, it was done using (Project Blue Beam) – never happened, they lied to everyone.

Ø The Clintons and Bush’s are not only related, they are also Rothschilds.

Ø Rothschilds control the big pharma and media, and the Rockefellers control all the banking industry.

Ø When Bush Sr. got into office, he immediately had submarine tunnels built to traffic goods, Children, Drugs, Weapons etc.

Ø Robin Williams, Antony Bourdain, David Carradine, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Prince, Freddy Mercury, Jackie Kennedy, JFK Sr., Steve Jobs, John Lennon etc. are alive.

Ø JFK Sr was not assassinated, his double was, and there were 8 gunmen not one (Lee Harvey Oswald) he WAS innocent/framed.

Ø Embassy bombing was an inside job.

Ø Michelle Obama is a man…Named Michael Levon Robinson, and many political figures are actually not females but males “Camel-Toe Harris” for example.

Ø Mark Zuckerberg did NOT create Facebook its was designed by the Rothschilds - he was their front man.

Ø This has always been a war between the Bush’s and the Kennedy’s - Bush’s are Germany and Kennedys are British.

Ø Angela Merkel and her sisters are Hitler's offspring - yes they are related.

Ø Obama’s kids are not theirs, they belong to their best friends, and were playing a role.

Ø On Trump’s inauguration day, when all those Military personnel came down the stairs, stop saluted and turned and walked away, they were signaling that he had their full support going forward.

Ø Jerusalem was actually located in Scotland.

Ø Joe Biden's wife and daughter were killed in a car crash arranged by Biden, Jill was their babysitter, and Hunter Biden was sleeping with many family members.

Ø Meghan Markle is actually a Rothschild, so is Ellen DeGeneres, Mark Zuckerberg, Jen Psaki, Greta Ginsburg etc.

Ø 280 thousand immigrants in Mexico, on standby ready to rush the Borders.

Ø Gretchen Whitmore will be taken down next and very shortly.

Ø Newsom’s doppelganger was captured, it was not the Real Gavin Newsom that they arrested.

Ø Located 18 ft under ground, under the Gettysburg Museum there are super soldiers, dead children, and the facility is nuclear proof.

Ø Nancy Pelosi is about to step down as Speaker of the House.

Ø The Infrastructure Bill will not happen, it has been/was crushed.

Ø New Jersey fraud found over 40,00 votes flipped.

Ø Jen Psaki replaced as White House Correspondent, also she is a male, not a female, and also related to Mark Zuckerberg.

Ø CIA & FBI Agents turning sides over vax mandate, they’re singing like birds.

Ø There have been 10 bomb blasts in China over last week - Media black-out was issued by the White Hats.

Ø 7 out of 10 airplane crashes are actual targeted hits.

Ø 95% of terrorists were created, funded, and run by the CIA.

Ø CIA are the hitmen for Rockefellers and Big Pharma - run all the banks of the world, run by the Rothschilds.

Ø There have been well over 1000’s of Banking CEO’s that have stepped down.

Ø Klaus Schwab to be taken down shortly.

Ø Media will be clogging the news media about climate change and migrants.

Ø Los Angeles has a Nuke in their possession, but will not be able to use, as the white hats will shut the Mossad Satellite.

Ø The CIA runs Hollywood, The Government, The Music Industry, controls the sex trafficking, amongst other things.

Ø The CIA owns, and runs, and is the largest drug cartel there has ever been.

Ø Many famous people have and are controlled by MK mind control e.g.: Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Britney spears, etc.

Ø The CIA took out Justice Scalia and Hugh Hefner - Media stated Hugh died of Heart problems, yet they found a pillow over his face.

Ø Myanmar and Afghanistan are the largest sex trafficking organization on the planet.

Ø A baby’s value after birth being sold is roughly $250,000.

Ø Chemtrails manufacturers destroyed.

Ø Hugh Hefner was killed and was replaced by Jeffrey Epstein.

Ø Jeffrey Epstein is alive and is located at the Ice worm base in Greenland.

Ø After the EBS has been activated, they will play 3-8 hr movies all day for 10 days.

Ø White hats are going to shut down Mossad.

Ø Tesla energy will reduce your energy bill by 75%.

Ø There will only be 14% tax.

Ø Your will pay no tax from your paycheque, you will bring it all home.

Ø Graphene Oxide in the shots have also been found in masks, and the PCR tests, and is activated by frequency (5G) which is MK-Ultra, think Travis Scott Concert.

Ø Travis Scott was a ritual and a test run, more to possibly follow.

Ø Whatever CNN says, think the opposite, they are lying about EVERYTHING.

Ø The sports world has been compromised, e.g.: NBA, NHL, Cricket, NFL, Teams that win are planned events.


Ø Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski was a setup false Flag to distract for the Embassy bombing, so they could bring in George Bush.

Ø Squid Games, Hunger Games, Avatar etc. on are based on real events.

Ø Evergrande has defaulted twice and will collapse.

Ø Stock market WILL fully collapse, no other option.

Ø JPMorgan to totally collapse.

Ø Bitcoin owned and run by CIA and used as payment for sex trafficking and buying & selling of Babies/Children/Teens/Adults.

Ø Klaus Schwab arrested last weekend.

Ø There are 777 versions of the bible located under the Vatican but are only showing us 66 versions.

Ø When Kennedy was shot, or should I say his body double, there were 8 assassins not just 1, they had actually planned to blow his head clean off.

Ø Princess Diana did not die that night, she also had multiple affairs.

Ø William and Harry are not Charles’ Harry’s father’s name is James Hewitt.

Ø Harry and Meghan (Megan’s a Rothschild).

Ø The Titanic was a staged event, it’s sinking was not an accident but on purpose.

Ø Underneath The 3 Gorge Dams which housed Bit coin and did body harvesting and trafficking has been completely destroyed/flooded.

Ø Andrew Cuomo was executed/hanged.

Ø Chelsea Clinton is not Bill Clinton’s real daughter; his name is Webster Hubbel.

Ø Angela Merkle and her sisters are Hitler's offspring and Hitler did NOT die, he survived and he was relocated along with his girlfriend Ava Bram to South America, And made his way up to the US where he eventually died of old age.

Remember we are all watching a movie, and from my intel, it is almost over, but please understand, it had to be this way, to wake people up to what would have happened if Trump was actually gone "He's Not" never has been, remember the USA is a defuncted Corporation/Entity.

With Trump out of the picture he could not be blamed for everything that is happening in the world WWG1-WGA

I’ll have more to come in the following days.

As always I tell everyone please do not believe anything I say or post, also I would encourage everyone to do their own research, and if there is something that you might not agree with, that is fine, all I ask is do not reply with insults, slander or bashing, were all adults, and everyone is expected to act as such.

If you do come across any Spelling and Grammar mistakes, sorry 3 people proofed it, and remember maintaining and keeping up with everything is extremly hard and time consuming.


Face Book Group:


Enjoy your evening and have a great night Be Safe and Be Well.

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