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December 25th Intel Updates:

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all are having or had a blessed day.

December 25th Intel Drops:

  • Barak Obama, reportedly has aids and is refusing treatment.

  • Tribunals are being filmed in analog, as they cant be altered.

  • There will be a White House TV channel broadcasting the tribunals.

  • There will be a White House TV channel broadcasting executions, proof of age will be needed.

  • Cabal had a prerecorded assassination attempt of Trump but the attempt failed, 2 of his body Clones/Doubles have been killed and Trump has had over 54 attempted assassination on his life thus far.

  • George Floyd is alive and in witness protection.

  • War stages are from Defcon 1-5 we are at Defcon 3.

  • Clones never have hanging ear lobes.

  • World Wide arrests are 78% complete.

  • Antarctica has been exposed and taken down.

  • Sting operation was under way on December 16th and 209 of 214 countries were captured.

  • When Nesara/Gesara is fully implemented, your money will be controlled and deposited into your account by the Military and Pentagon.

That's what I have for now, enjoy the rest of your day.

Be Safe :))

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