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December 15th New updates

So as of today December 15th starting @7pm tonight no unvaxxed person can enter a long term care home

Sergio Aguero (33) promoted the jab ‘for everyone’s health’, took the jab ‘for his health’ resulting in a heart condition that as a ‘super fit footballer’ means he now has to retire from football...

Ursula Vanderlon the women who was trying to cancel the Nuremburg trials, was summoned to Antarctica, which was a sting operation, where she is facing of a Military Trail.

North and South Korea have Signed a peace treaty.

Everything negative about Putin are False Flags, hes on our side.

Trump is now in charge and running the website Rumble.

Devon Nunses is going to be running Trumps social media platforms.

Common Law

In real state the word "Lot" actually mean "Lease of Title".

Lets say you have a Car, House, Children etc you DO NOT own them, everything is owned by the Government "That's right when you signed the release papers to bring your child home from the hospital, you actually signed full custody of your child over to the Government.

Canada and USA pensions have all been emptied, that's right, your balance is actually zero, but people are not aware.

Chris Sky from Canada, and a Santa Clause in Germany, were arrested for not wearing a mask

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