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(Watch) Coincidence!!!

The Jab is a wonderful thing eh, So again I ask the vaccine (Death Shot) how are us Conspiracy Theorists looking these days.

Oh wait let me guess, when the sheep FINALLY wake the fuck up, who are they going to turn to for help, The Government, Friends oh wait (Did you not laugh, insult and say

"Your a Conspiracy Theorist)?

Listen, my days and the other people that are also awake have had enough of you none believers, we have been TRYING to wake you guys up since this shit show started.

So when your ready to become a believer, and start actually listening to us, believe it or not, were not the same as you, we don't insult yell and scream and act like children, we don't turn our backs on people, we actually are mature enough to apologize when were wrong, we expect the same curtesy, but you can be rest assured we will have your back, cause wwgw wga.

Everyone be safe and have a bless Night.

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