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Candace Owens is blowing up on Twitter with her subtle Adrenochrome reference.

"Reading through Fauci’s experiments and the one I find most alarming is the use of an acid to destroy a region of monkeys’ brains to magnify terror. They then simulated images of spiders and tormented them with fear.

Human DNA is 97% identical to apes.

Why fund that research?"

Friendly reminder, that if which is not commonly covered, DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), = The Spirit Molecule that is released at the moment of birth AND death from your pineal Gland.

If you aren't aware you're going to die, your Pineal Gland likely produces very little. However, if you're tortured...

It's a psychedelic / halucinagenic. Hence the hallucination scene with Reptilians in the movie, "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" after he consumes the Adrenochrome.

Many users of DMT say they've seen a bright green city while on it.

Oz - The Emerald City. Dorothy red shoes from the wicked witch who was wearing black & white masonic socks... It gets deeeeep.

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