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(Video) Cancer & The Sun

We are told that exposure to the sun causes cancer which is completely untrue with no proof.

Why would exposure to the sun cause cancer?

It however, is the EXACT opposite ….. a lack of sunshine causes cancer. What causes cancer is the ingredients of the sunscreen that we are advised to use to protect us from the sun's 'cancer causing rays'. Certainly the sun can burn us! - believe me, Im sure we know that all too well - I’m also not saying that we shouldn't use protection. The protection you use should be organic without any harmful chemicals. The same applies for deodorants, air fresheners, laundry detergent and all personal care products. Virtually everything we require has been designed to poison us and sold through main stream shops and e-commerce.

Be careful with commercial mass produced products and purchase organic and natural based sunscreens. Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and even Aloe Vera are amazing natural alternatives

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