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(100+ Videos) plus Pics & Links.. I begging you to please watch them and share the fuck out of them!

This post is for everyone that is asleep and that needs to wake up, if you dont like what you see and hear thats to fucking bad, just leave and for eveyone else, hope you take away even just one thing, means we have done our job.

Morning everyone, sorry I have not posted as much as I usually do, but there is so much going on behind the scenes it's getting so hard to keep up. As many of you have gotten to know myself, my administrators, moderators and others, that help me on a daily basis gathering as much info as we can so we can share the truth with you.

Well after almost 6 hours of Copying, downloading and editing I finally finished it, there are 100+ videos, many pics and a few links, I really encourage EVERYONE to please stop listening to all the lies that you have been fed and read everything right to the end AND the list is endless.

  • All Governments World Wide <--------- Bought and Paid for by the CCP (China)

  • News <--------- Bought and Paid for by the CCP (China)

  • Big Tech <--------- Bought and Paid for by the CCP (China)

  • Banks <--------- Bought and Paid for by the CCP (China)

  • Schools <--------- Bought and Paid for by the CCP (China)

  • Doctors <--------- Bought and Paid for by the CCP (China)

  • Schools <--------- Bought and Paid for by the CCP (China)

  • Big Box Stores <--------- Bought and Paid for by the CCP (China)

  • Automotive Industry <--------- Bought and Paid for by the CCP (China)

  • Pharma companies <--------- Bought and Paid for by the CCP (China)

  • N.A.S.A <--------- Bought and Paid for by the CCP (China)

  • Food Manufacturer <--------- Bought and Paid for by the CCP (China)

  • Fast Food Industry <--------- Bought and Paid for by the CCP (China)

As many of you know I have over 16,000 hours of 24/7/365 of none stop research and that is why I decide when covid-19 hit, that the only way the real truth was going to get out was for the people to wake up as everyone has been so brainwashed they don't know who or what to believe, and when your called a conspiracy Theorist for your whole life, it starts to take a toll ones mental health. Remeber as I always tell everyone, NEVER ever believe anything I say in my posts or in real life, I always ask you to do your own research, and then decide for yourself. As for whether you have or have not taken the vaccine (Death Shot) is nobody's business but your own "Your body your choice" either way you're an adult, BUT when they start going after our kids and the elderly, that's where we have to draw the line. "Go Mama Bears" As many people are still not awake "Sheep as their now called" are aware Covid-19 has never been isolated (Not real) it is and was and has been just a common flu that we have gotten all our lives, but the fear that was pushed through propaganda has caused people to live in fear and the only way to get back to normal was to take the jab, well 1 jab became 2 jabs and then a booster and another booster and so on but at the same time everyone has to still mask, social distance, no visiting, cause you might kill "Grandma" "They have all been lying to you, we have all been played like fools" So now heres the cold hard truth, if you have taken the vaccine (Death Shot) then unfortunately there's nothing that you can do now. May suggestion is to speak to and make peace with your creator cause your lives are now in his hands sorry. There is and has been so much fucking info out there but you have been to bloody lazy to do your research and were so concerned to, Travel, Dine, Socialize just so you could get back to normal as they say, problem is, you ran out and got it without doing any fucking research and lined up for hours and you got it regardless of your reasons, so let me ask you this,

"Hows it working out for you"! So the time has come for everyone to "WAKE THE FUCK UP", I dont know any other way or what else you need to see or hear to relaize you've been lied to about everything, hell wait till you find out that amost 98% of everything we have been taught our whole lives have been a lie:

  • 911

  • Wars

  • Hunger

  • Climate change

  • Overpopulation

  • Charities

  • Churches

  • Schooling

  • Concentration Camps

  • WW#1

  • WW#2

  • Dinosaurs

  • Space

  • Moon Landing

  • Pyramids

  • Columbus

  • Royals

  • Energy

  • Oil/Gas Shortages

  • Antarctica

  • Aliens

  • Pearl Harbor

  • Most of the plane crashes

  • Bombings

  • Deaths

  • Micheal Jackson

  • Princess Dianna

  • JFK jr

  • JFK sr Assasination

  • Our water

  • Our Food

  • Our medicines

  • Our Healthcare

  • Chemtrail's

  • The fucking list is endless

So whether you believe ANYTHING I have said or not I really don't care, we have been yelling from the rooftops trying to get the truth out there, but everybody laughed and ridiculed us, but in the end, it looks like the conspiracy theorists were right all along, so please do me a favour forget your pride for once and apologize to them they were actually telling you the truth. I want to do a shout out to all the truckers world wide, as they are all fighting for us so that we can keep all of our freedoms and rights, because I don't know about you, but I most certainly do NOT enjoy the thought of living in a communist world, so again do your own research and then take a moment to thank each and everyone of them for everything they have done and continue to do. "They are truth heros" And last but not least our health care workers, you have all been amazing, even though you have been threatened you still did your part to help save as many people as you could even though your working conditions were total bullshit. you as well are truth heros as well and we thank you As a final note, I am asking everyone to please forward/share this link to every corner of the earth, so we can unite and go back to being " One Nation Under God " as he originally intended. Please say a prayer everyday, even if you don't think he hears you, because he does.




Have a Safe - Happy and Joyous Day


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